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10 Safety Precautions to Take While Using Ethanol Fireplaces

ethanol burners

ethanol burners

There is no denying the fact that modern ethanol fireplaces are a sophisticated addition to any room. Apart from providing warmth and creating a relaxing environment, the stylish designs are also a perfect enhancement to the interior decor. Every home owner now finds their home incomplete without the addition of designer fireplaces. Indeed, they have several advantages over their traditional counterparts. Talk of environment friendliness, fuel efficiency, pollution free, smokeless, and odorless qualities, and you can find all these in the modern fireplaces.

However, to enjoy all the benefits they provide without any worries, here are several facts about safety measures you need to take when using bio-ethanol.

  1. Before using any product, ensure you read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions on safe usage. The instructions should not be discarded but must be kept for as long as you own the fireplace. You never know when you may need to make a reference.
  2. Pets and children should not be allowed near the fireplaces without the presence of an adult. You must handle the fires on your own. Children must not operate an ethanol fireplace.
  3. Many homes have burnt due to fire flashes as a result of a careless habit. Never open a fuel bottle near an open flame.
  4. There could be a danger of explosion if the fuel tank is filled up completely. Do not fill it more than ¾. Also, when the flames are burning or when the tank is still hot, never attempt to refill the fuel reservoir. Give it sometimes to cool before adding more fuel.
  5. Empty bottles or containers should not be left near fireplaces. Ensure that the top is firmly secured before relighting the flame.
  6. Give time for any spillage to dry before relighting. Ethanol evaporates quickly, so you should not be in a hurry. You can speed up the process by using a rag to dry the moisture from the fuel.
  7. You have no doubt read a common instruction on many product containers – keep in a cool dry place. Ethanol should not be exposed to heat or direct sunlight. Storage should be in a safe place away from the fire.
  8. It is safer to use an extended lighter or long match for ignition. Other devices should not be used to light the fireplace.
  9. The flame is not visible when it is first lit or when fuel runs out. Always check to make sure the flame is completely out before refueling. If you have a snuffer lid, place it on top of the tank.
  10. Moving a burning flame is a sure recipe for danger and you should remember not to leave a fire unattended.

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