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3 Affordable Auto Upgrades That Can Save You Money

Car Mechanic II

Everyone wants to have a nice car; nice cars are more fun to drive, more fun to own, and look cooler. But since most people can’t afford a Ferrari, or even a Mercedes-Benz, they have to find more affordable ways to make their car more desirable. Thankfully, there are myriad ways in which you can upgrade your car for a reasonable price. From the interior, to the exterior, to the performance of your vehicle, there are countless ways for you to be improving your ride. Here are a few of the best affordable upgrades for your car.

Car Mechanic II

Tint your windows

Tinting your windows has multiple positive effects. For those interested in the aesthetics of their vehicle, tinted windows look cool. The dark, sleek look is sexy and looks expensive even though it’s a relatively affordable upgrade. But there’s functionality in tinting your windows. It keeps your car’s interior substantially cooler. This is important for two reasons. First, if you live somewhere very hot, you’re always looking for ways to stay cool when in your car. Tinting offers you the shade to help you stay at a nice temperature. Second, harsh sunlight wears out your car’s interior. By tinting the windows you are protecting your seats and dash from the elements and thus prolonging their life and helping them look their best. Tints are essentially sunblock for your car’s interior.

Upgrade your stereo system

Upgrading your vehicle’s stereo system also has two purposes. First, it increases the sound quality, which makes your overall driving experience far more fun. By upgrading the audio in your car, you can get the sound quality of a very expensive car for just a fraction of the cost. Second, many modern stereo systems come with fancy features, such as Bluetooth connectivity for your phone, which allows you to talk on the phone without using your hands or any cables and also allows you to play music directly from your phone through your car speakers. An upgraded sound system for your car is a quick way to equip your ride with all the latest technology.

Cat-Back exhaust system

Upgrading your exhaust system is the perfect affordable addition for the performance car lover. By installing a cat-back exhaust system your car notably improves in two areas. First, it increases efficiency and power. An upgraded exhaust system results in more horsepower under the hood. Everybody loves power. An exhaust system upgrade is the quickest way to increase your experience of horsepower. Second, a cat-back system adds a louder, throatier purr to your car’s engine. It’s not an obnoxiously loud or abrasive sound, like you hear from monster trucks with no mufflers, rather it’s a deep, appealing noise, like a high-end sports car. For a relatively cheap price your car can sound and drive like a much more expensive vehicle.

There are many other ways to upgrade your car for affordable prices. Nicer tires or rims, backseat TV screens, and short throw shift kits are just a few of the countless other options. These three are ways to take your car to a new level while not draining your wallet.

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