3 Cars That Are Fantastic For Tuning

3 best cars

Tuning cars is something that is most commonly associated with your typical “boy racer”. But in reality all kinds of people enjoy tuning cars and it isn’t just men! For example, many people with a strong passion for the mechanics of cars and that love to be a little unique have great interest in tuning cars. Tuning cars is a great little project for people to work on in their spare time and a real sense of enjoyment can be gained from doing it.

3 best cars

But Which Cars Are The Best For Tuning?

Technically any car can be tuned. However, the fact is some cars are much better than others for tuning and are well known for being a good basis for tuning. This article will outline what those top 3 cars are and will highlight what makes them so good for tuning. In no particular order here they are!

The Honda Civic

This vehicle is well known for being a fantastic base for tuning and there are hundreds of forums all over the internet that are all dedicated to tuning Honda Civics, which prove this. There are many different reasons why the Honda Civic is such a brilliant base for tuning. One of these reasons is that it is incredibly lightweight, so any change in the engine results in huge speed changes. Also it is notorious for it’s ability to handle numerous engine swaps. This is because the design of the vehicle allows for many different types of engines to be fitted. Therefore there is a wide range of options when it comes to tuning them. It is also worth noting that it looks elegant as well meaning that people tuning them can focus more on what’s inside them.

Volkswagen Golf Mk2

The Golf Mk2 may be considered a fairly old car but it is still a wonderful basis for tuning. There’s something about tuning an older car and making it better than many newer cars that gives a lot of people their kicks. The reason that they are a good choice for a car to tune is because they can be picked up relatively cheaply, leaving you with a bigger budget for the modifications. They already come with either a 1.6 or 1.8 litre engine but engine swaps are relatively easy. There are also a lot of accessories that are available for this model.

The Honda Accord

Another Honda vehicle has made it onto this top 3 list. It clearly shows how highly people rate Honda vehicles for tuning. There are many different types of Honda Accord but the best one for tuning is definitely the coupe model. A great thing about the Accord and something that makes it a superb basis for tuning is that it comes on many different body types instead of just one standard one. This means that already your car will be a little unique, which is a good start. Another factor that makes this vehicle an ideal choice for tuning is the fact that there are many Honda accessories & parts readily available. This makes customizing the car a whole lot easier.

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