5 Best Tips For Maintaining A Miele S7 Series

Miele S7 series

Vacuum cleaners are very common machines that are seen in almost all homes. These gadgets are extremely useful in maintaining the homes by keeping it clean from dust and allergens. There are many companies available, from all parts of the world, that manufacture vacuum cleaners. These companies are engaged in creating innovative products. Miele vacuum cleaners are very popular all over the world for their outstanding features. The company has come up with newest model recently in the form of Miele Upright vacuum. This is a great product that, with proper maintenance, will be a lifelong machine.

Miele S7 series

The following tips can be very effective for maintaining these vacuum cleaners:

  • You must clean the filters and the filter bags after every use. This can keep them clean after using them extensively. You can think about replacing them if you find them worn out after a certain period of use. Failure to do this will result in a lowered efficiency of your filter and would reduce suction over time. If you ignore replacement of bags and filters, allergens and dust particles will be released into the air, lowering the air quality of your home.
  • Some people use carpet powders when vacuuming. While this offers a pleasant fragrance for a while, it can be bad for the proper upkeep of your Miele upright vacuum cleaner. The powder can get stuck in the filter making cleaning it can be quite difficult. This can be harmful for your filter.
  • While using your Miele Upright, do not run over the electric cord attached to it. It can damage your vacuum, especially Miele 7s. Take care when using the vacuum so that it does not run over the cord. Though accidents do not happen every day, they never bring pleasing outcomes.
  • Every Miele upright vacuum comes with a roller and that helps maneuvering it over various flooring surfaces. Take proper care of this roller when using your vacuum. Hair and other objects can get stuck in the roller making it work improperly. At the same time, you should also be careful about the belt that comes along with the cleaner. You should change it immediately after it starts showing signs of wearing out.
  • Do not wrap or fold the wire of the cleaner too tight as it may tear, exposing wiring. You could even face a terrible accident in this situation. Instead, you should leave it loose while using it on the floor.

Taking care of your vacuum is an extremely important task that every user must observe. You must be very careful about following the tips mentioned above.

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