5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving

thanksgiving celebrations

Most families have a Thanksgiving tradition that they stick with year after year. Every now and then, a small portion of the day will change, but all in all, the routine, food and company will be consistent over time.

While tradition is good, sometimes families want to change it up during the Thanksgiving season. So if you’re family is tired of the same old turkey dinner get together, opt for one of the following five creative celebrations instead.

thanksgiving celebrations

1. Change up the menu.

Instead of turkey, mashed potatoes and all the other staples you find at your holiday table during Thanksgiving dinner, why not change up the menu? Make something non-traditional instead, such as hotdogs and hamburgers, or even go out to dinner at an open restaurant. Just because turkey is the staple at the table among most households doesn’t mean that you have to eat it, and changing up the menu can add some excitement to your family’s festivities.


2. Play childhood games.

Instead of sitting around talking about the latest celebrity gossip or playing a game of football, you should break out the fun games you used to play as a child and get the family involved. Break out Twister or Monopoly, or even play tag or hide and go seek. There are plenty of fun things you can do with your family that will be enjoyable for everyone of all ages, and it can be a great way to put an end to watching football.


3. Bring in another family.

If there’s a family in your neighborhood that is less fortunate than you, or if you know of someone in the area who may not have family to celebrate the holiday with, invite them over. The holidays are all about the more the merrier anyway, and sharing your wealth of food and company with others will be greatly appreciated.

4. Make it a movie day.

Instead of getting dressed up and slaving in the kitchen all day, have your family and friends come over in their most comfortable pajamas with a sleeping bag in hand and celebrate Thanksgiving watching movies all day and snacking on fun treats instead of a full course meal. You can have candy, popcorn, chips, pop and everything else that is desired, and you can all spend quality time together enjoying a variety of movies in a more comfortable environment.

5. Make it a black tie event.

You can also go the complete opposite route of the pajamas and make Thanksgiving a black tie affair instead. Break out your fancy china, get everyone dressed up in their absolute best, serve cocktails in the fancy glasses, and make the most out of being elite and classy for the day. Unfortunately, you will still need to do the cleaning, unless you can find someone else willing to play the part of butler/maid/cleaning person, but everyone will certainly enjoy pretending for the day.

If you want to change up your Thanksgiving traditions, these five ideas are a great place to start.

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