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5 Great YouTube Videos About Window Cleaning

window cleaning

Whether you want to clean windows professionally, or just need some extra tips on how to clean your own windows, the Internet is full of advice! Below are 5 fantastic YouTube videos, brought to you from a variety of sources, all about different aspects of window cleaning.

Whether you are brand new to window cleaning, want to know a little bit more about window cleaning tools, or need a great window cleaning soundtrack, you’ll find it all here!

window cleaning

1. Window Cleaning – The Basic Technique

This fantastic video, brought to you by abcwindowsupply, is a very informative clip overflowing with fantastic tips on the basic window cleaning technique. It is a short and sweet video, so you won’t get bored, and it’s impressive how much valuable advice is packed into such a short space of time.

It unpacks a window cleaning technique that will leave you with sparkling windows and a professional finish, without having to hire someone to do it! So why not save money and go ahead and clean your windows with the great advice from this fantastic video.

Video source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGKdmKX1z64

2. Window Cleaning the World’s Tallest Building

This short BBC documentary see’s a reporter join the team of window cleaners whose job it is to clean the world’s tallest building in Dubai. It takes them 3 months to completely clean all 24,000 windows, and by the time they finish they start all over again, so it’s a full time job!

This 5-minute video sees window cleaning taken to the extreme as people must hang from harnesses over the top of the building in order to reach all the windows.

Video source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcRuXrduj6Q

3. 5 Steps to Cleaning a Window

This is another DIY clip explaining how easy it is to clean your windows. Brought to you from America, this friendly fellow explains how to clean a window while demonstrating it.

He begins by explaining all the tools you will need and continues on to go through the cleaning process step by step. His friendly manner and informal tone is endearing and very helpful. This is a very good video to watch if you want a quick guide to cleaning your windows.

Video source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Owcq07fqupg

4. How to use a Squeegee

Expert Village present this very helpful explanation of what a squeegee is, how it works and how you use it when cleaning windows. This in depth advice is crucial for anyone thinking about starting their own window cleaning business or for those who simply want to further understand why a squeegee is used and how to use it.

The biggest benefit of the squeegee is that it stops streaky windows, and that is why it is used. This great video from expert village brings a fantastic insight into the window cleaning tool!

Video source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mmsJquoRss

5. George Formby – When I’m Cleaning Windows

George Formby was a famous singer during the war. He entertained thousands of soldiers throughout the world wars with his quirky songs, interesting voice and ukulele.

Although it probably won’t be that helpful when you come to cleaning your windows, it’s definitely a great soundtrack to accompany you!

Video source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfmAeijj5cM

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