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5 Innovative Electronic Cigarette Patent Portfolios Waiting to Hit the Market

e cig

The fact that the electronic cigarette gained a lot of popularity since its invention is no news and it shouldn’t surprise anybody it became not only an emerging, strong business, but also a statement and a way of life for a growing community of vapers.

e cig

As technology is involved, since its birth to the present day, the electronic cigarette went through a lot of changes and adaptations, upgrades and technological advancements that are surprising, very useful for the users and very appraised by those who find a special pleasure in modding their vaping devices in the search for better, more delightful experiences. If you take a look over you’ll find there USB rechargeable batteries and social packs that allow users to find and recognize each other in the immediate proximity, so you’d say manufacturers have all the grounds covered when it comes to the refined tuning of these vaping devices.

And yet, a lot of things can and probably will be still upgraded, innovated, renewed and enhanced, as the technology doesn’t sleep when it comes to offering the best experience to its clients. This is why the ICAP Patent Brokerage announced that five new patent portfolios including innovative technology solutions for improving the electronic cigarette and its accessories are waiting for their buyers. In other words, the vaping community and the modders can expect future good surprises, provided these portfolios reach the market.

PS 664 – Electronic Cigarettes. This first portfolio includes the usual electronic cigarette technology vapers are very fond of, especially because it can reproduce almost identically the looks, taste and experience of a tobacco cigarette, also releasing the dense vapors users appreciate so much, but the new thing that might raise the users’ interest is that PS 664 patent portfolio comes provided with aerosol chambers which allow the users to control their intake of inhaled vapors with the aid of a valve system.

PS 678 – Electronic Cigarettes with Sealed Tank Cartridge. This patent portfolio will make a riot if it hits the market, as it provides a sealed tank cartridge that will prevent the e-juice from getting in touch with the wires, heat elements and other parts of the whole electronic system, thus remaining pure and fresh for a timeframe of around three years. This portfolio emphasizes on the stronger safety of e-cigarettes, as the sealed tank reduces significantly the inhalation of lead or other potential dangerous substances.

PS 675 – Smokeless & Heatless Electronic Cigarettes. If you checked out the vaping forums, you will see that vapers will always enjoy dense vapors coming out from their devices. However, this patent portfolio that relies not on cartridges or batteries or other replaceable components, but on the air inhaled by the user might reach a certain level of market success, as it will be more affordable, as it eliminates the costs of replacing certain sub-parts and, being completely vapor-less and odorless, it could become accepted also in public places.

PS 679 – Electronic Cigarette “E-Juice” Cartridge Refill. This patent portfolio may become any modder’s dream come true, as the innovative technology it provides refers to a new cartridge refilling system that relies on a very advanced pipette – type pre-filled dispenser that is so precise, it is said to cost only 1/10 of the current refill technology price and it can be used for all the current and available electronic cigarette systems on the market.

PS 681 – Portable Medicinal Nebulizer. This patent can be adapted not only to the medical industry, but the electronic cigarette market, as it provides a new portable nebulizer and a user’s interface which allows the user (or the doctor – if we talk about traditional respiratory medicines) to control the intake, and it allows to monitor and record dosages.

These patents became available not so long ago. How long until we will see these innovations available on the market? We can’t say for sure, but one thing is certain: the electronic cigarette is a device that not only supports new upgrades, but also requires them, just as cell phones do.

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