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5 Steps on How To Start a Dubai Offshore Formation

Dubai Offshore Formation

A Dubai offshore formation can save a company a huge amount of money on its tax bill every year. In European countries, such as the UK, a high Corporation Tax rate has to be paid. Tax also has to be paid on personal income and any dividends which a

re issued. No tax applies to an offshore business for these reasons. In order to register an offshore company in Dubai, here are a number of steps which explain how:

Dubai Offshore Formation


An offshore formation in Dubai cannot be done by a business. This is because it should seek help from an experienced formation agent. By explaining to a formation agent what is required from them, an accurate quote will be given. There are many services which a formation agent can be responsible for. They could register a bank account which can be used by an offshore site and also create a company on behalf of their clients. When more services are carried out, this increases the amount of money which has to be paid to a formation agent. By obtaining quotes from multiple formation agents, a company won’t be tempted to choose the first price they’re given.

Create a company name

As with registering a company name in the UK or USA that is liable for tax, an offshore company should also have a name. It must reflect the services which an offshore company will specialise in. On the other hand, an offshore company can contain a CEO’s name. This is because they might be a nationally recognised name which would attract considerable attention because of their reputation. Multiple names should be provided to a formation agent. Therefore, if one of them is rejected, a formation agent has multiple other names which can be supplied instead.

Share capital

There are no restrictions on share capital in Dubai. Other countries have set limits on how much money can be issued as share capital. However, this isn’t a problem in Dubai. After coming to a decision on how much share capital will be issued, this information can then be passed to a formation agent.


Details of the directors at a Dubai offshore formation are never disclosed to a third party. Unlike what other tax havens have done, the Dubai government has not agreed to provide details about directors who are at offshore companies. An offshore formation in Dubai must have two directors. However, if an offshore company doesn’t want to involve their business associates, a nominee director service can be chosen instead. This is very convenient because details of directors can be provided on an offshore company’s behalf. Consequently, an offshore company doesn’t have to ask business associates if they want to be a director because this is done for them.


A passport, proof of address and bank reference letter must be submitted by a formation agent. They are responsible for completing the Memorandum of Association and also issuing Share Certificates. An offshore company should not be used for trading until a formation agent has confirmed that it exists. It typically takes three days for the Dubai offshore formation process to be completed.

As soon as an offshore company does exist, it can then be used to trade with and save money on tax. From that moment on, the many financial benefits of an offshore formation applies. By getting help from a formation agent, expert support will be provided. Most importantly, an offshore company will be created very quickly when compared to if a CEO was responsible for doing this on their own.

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