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Are Prevost Motor Homes The Best?

Prevost Motor Homes

SUMMARY: If you’ve ever dreamed of retiring and traveling cross-country in a luxurious RV, chances are you’re well-acquainted with the Prevost brand name. Known as the best in motor homes, Prevosts continue to be incredibly popular with those who wish to travel in style. But are they really the best?

Prevost motor homes are actually more like coaches, able to carry upwards of 50 passengers at a time. Smaller ones are available for personal use, but they are often purchased by charter bus company owners who wish to attract a high-end crowd. For personal RV owners, it’s important to know a Prevost is not usually just a Prevost – the inner amenities are usually supplies by multiple manufacturers including Featherlite and Liberty. The combined luxury of all these brand names working together is what causes a price range that breaks the million dollar mark when purchased new.

Prevost Motor Homes

One reason the Prevost is considered to be the best is because they are still a relative rarity. Few are manufactured each year, and they include the Prevost Coach chassis, which is never made exactly the same twice. This is great for the aforementioned charter business, but for a modern motor home driver, it may not be as desirable.

On a standard Prevost, you will usually see a standard dashboard that leaves room to impress. Personal RV owners are usually looking for a bit of luxury when paying such a high price, but this dashboard is designed for business. If you’re willing to deal with a commercial look up front, you can definitely still enjoy fine living in the rest of your RV – but many drivers do not realize just how “commercial” a Prevost will look when it comes to its captain’s seat.

Other downfalls with a Prevost being converted into a personal RV comes from the engine. Your included power will likely be a Detroit 60 series 515 HP engine or something similar. These are great for charter buses, but when you add in the extra weight of countertops, specialty flooring and all the other creature comforts we love on our personal RV, it can greatly decrease the horsepower of your Prevost.

Finally, your windows may not open. You may be asking yourself right now how such a simple thing could be overlooked on the fine Prevost – but again remember, you are purchasing a vehicle converted from transportation industry standards. You will definitely purchase luxury at its finest, but for a personal RV, things like opening windows or screens aren’t usually available when you go with a conversion.

In short, a Prevost is still a great ride for a family who intends to do a lot of traveling. If you can afford it, you will experience great drivability and the best chassis available for purchase. Their slides out designs also tend to be top of the line.

And, if you are in fact a charter bus company owner – there isn’t anything better you can invest in than a Prevost – every downside for a personal RV owner will be an upside for your business.

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