Audi Rs 5 Model in a Ground Breaking Look

Audi Rs5 Model


Audi R8 is one of the most luxury car and its design in such a way that it looks like a sports car, its power is 5.2 Fsi hp and engine v10 it boost 196mph in 3seconds. The same engine is used in race car GT3, it has a tronic transmission of 6 speed, it has a dry lump lubrication is an exclusive system use for reservation of oil. This is modified with fsi which has an increases fuel performance capacity. This car has a sport mode shift program paddle shifts and wheel similar to that of sports car. This car has an engine lubricating mechanism even at high speeds.

Audi Rs5 Model


Exterior features:

  • This exterior feature of this is more advanced and stylish look compared to other older version, exterior features include headlights, indicators, dome, doors, side mirrors, tires wheels, body and back.
  • Every part of this car is specially and stylishly designed for this car compared to that of the older version. Its body has many horizontal stripes and stylish elevations this makes car to look more aggressive and sporting.
  • Stylish elevations are designed is a one of the stylish modification for this car. This stylish elevation is not given to the older version generation cars.
  • Headlights: headlights are some what broad and high then previous generation, there is only change of its shape and size but it has similar features of this head light of the previous model. This headlight has short and long beam, this short beam emits low length light wave it is normally used in every cars, high length wave of light intensity used to see long length. By changing these intensities we can focus on road in short and long distance.
  • Dome which is present in the front is slanting and bigger in length then back side. This gives more classic and royal look to a car.
  • Tires are protruded out from the body of the car gives a bold look to a car, and the wheels are make up of aluminum.
  • Side indicators on both front and back side are in a rectangular shape which matches to the shape of the body.

Interior features:

  • The GT3 engine is used for this car which was used in racing cars so it has a more boosting capacity and a greater pick up. This feature helps in winning the races.
  • The engine has a dry lamp lubricating mechanism so even when you go for a long drive engine doesn’t heat because of lubrication of engine by reservation of oil.
  • It has an automatic air conditioning system, this system helps in cooling of car immediately when the car starts and it also flushes used air from a car and re circulates fresh air in to car .this feature maintains fresh look to us and prevents from suffocation.
  • This car has a greater stability for engine even at high speed at 15 to 160. This feature is modified to that of the previous generation because previous generation car has a slight lesser pick up and body vibrates at high speed.
  • Even when I drive my older Audi previous generation at 150 speed body of the car vibrates, but when I raised accelerator at 150 for my new modified Audi series it is really stable and soft. This is the one of the great feature then that of previous version.
  • There is one couple of seats in front and three seats in back so five people can travel more comfortably. The seats of the car are highly designed and compatible this can be adjusted according to your comfort.

Airbags and display features:

This car has sensors at the time of accident these sensors recognize the frequency and releases air bags around our body and protects us.

Display on the front of the car shows back vehicles and obstacles to avoid accidents and damage to a car.

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