Best Cell Phone Plans Without Contract

best cell phones

Cell phone plans which offer unlimited talking and come without contracts are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, it is their economical value that makes them so popular. A large number of national cell phone carriers now offer these plans, and although it is only a marketing strategy on their part to increase their customer, a subscriber can only but benefit from these pricing plans. Moreover, most network service providers offer extras with these unlimited plans, making a good bundle for anyone looking to save money on their cell phone bills. Mobile phones have undoubtedly become a necessity, and with the more feature packed handsets made available at affordable prices, these plans are generating a temptation not many want to let go. Not many people prefer signing long term contracts, and an unlimited plan without contracts is sure to attract the attention of a large group of people.

best cell phones

Unlimited Cell Phone Plans Without Contracts

With an ever increasing number of people now looking for ways to reduce their monthly mobile bills, an unlimited cell phone plan which comes without a contract seems a feasibly good alternative. However, there are variations in the plan, and it is best to consider them before you actually commit yourself into buying one of these plans.

A variation of this unlimited plan offers subscribers to make unlimited calls and send an equal number of text messages at a fixed monthly rate. A user, however, may be confined to make calls within his or her network. This is particularly useful for business organizations where one network provider has been chosen to provide its services. Another variation of the plan allows users to make unlimited calls to other numbers, but the provider charges a fixed amount for every text message sent. This service would typically work best who send very few text messages, but rely heavily on outgoing calls.

Unlimited plans without any contract also come bundled with other services. While some network carriers offer unlimited data transfer, there are others who limit this to only sending and receiving of emails. Some even offer a handset insurance scheme which allows users to insure their handsets by paying a monthly amount as premium against the policy.

Prepaid or Post Paid Plans

Unlimited cell phone plans are largely offered on prepaid services, although a few national carriers also offer these on their post paid plans. However, the latter is associated with a contract, and needless to say, if you are not satisfied with the services or choose to cancel your contract before its formal end date, you will be required to pay termination fees. It is, therefore, advisable to opt for prepaid services. These do not require any contract, and if you do not wish to retain the services of your existing provider, you simply need not purchase additional airtime after you have used all your minutes. Moreover, prepaid plans make an excellent cost-effective technique, since you can constantly keep an eye on your unused minutes. The choice of choosing a prepaid or post paid service, however, ultimately depends on you and your requirements.

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