Best iPhone Apps for Cyclists

iphone apps

With the use of a number of prominent cycling applications, your iPhone turns into a great GPS device for keeping a track of time, speed and distance and these apps much more inexpensive and easier to use than the other technical devices. The most popular cycling applications even comprise of efficient features such as iPod backup, Twitter and Facebook integration along with reporting charts. Remember that all these applications will only function on GPS accessible iPhones, along with the iPhone 3GS, 3G and 4. All iPhone apps can be easily purchased at the iTunes stores.

iphone apps

1. iMapMyRide+

With iMapMyRide+ application, the users can easily track all important cycling facts, such as time, velocity, elevation and distance. This app can also count the heart beat rating through a separate dongle that you need to buy, as per needs/. You can easily witness the different cycling directions through a map and then sync your research facts to web research facts to a web account on some of the other features of this app include integration of Twitter,  iPod support, and image uploads.

2. Cyclemeter GPS

Cyclemeter GPS is not like the other iPhone cycling applications which are incorporated with a lot of reporting as well tracking traits. Not like its competitors’ applications which usually need the users to change the online data to see the essential reports, facts and graphs. But this app keeps all in itself. It follows elevation, speed, distance and time and even incorporates with the most efficient Google maps that help in easily sharing of the cycling directions through Facebook, Twitter etc. Other additional features of this app include Voice pronouncements, Email notifications, and iPod assimilation.

3. Cycle Tracker Pro

The Cycle Tracker Pro app offers an interesting and eye catching interface which create easiness to see the users GPS cycling facts at one glance. The application keeps a record of all the essential cycling data that the user would want, such as altitude, distance, time, velocity and average velocity. While practicing and working out cycling activities you can now enjoy your favorite songs through iPods or programmed audio players. Now, the users can easily set a motivation song at the times of races when the user is in need of encouragement. This app even provides integration on FB and Twitter

4. B.iCycle

The B.iCycle application tracks a great quantity of data for the user’s future cycling tours. The data include velocity, time, distance, height and calories. You mostly need to forward the recorded to some 3rd party but with this app you don’t need a different source as it is incorporated with OpenStreetMaps to check hundreds of users posted cycle tracks. This app even consists of an automatic pause element through which the timer can automatically pause when the users stops moving. Combination on iPod is an additional feature.

Hence, these are a few examples of most popular and helpful cycling apps found in an iPhone. There are ample of iPhone apps that can make your cycling experience more energetic and memorable!

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