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Clever Ways to Organize Your Bathroom

bathroom organized

Are you challenged by having a small bathroom with little cabinet space? Do you have adequate space and still feel cluttered? If so, you have come to the right place. We have great tips for helping organize and de-cluttering this essential living space – allowing you to create the look you want and still have the functionality you need!

bathroom organized


This is my favorite step, probably because I grew up with a father who was a pack rat –he had hundreds of bottles of hotel shampoo and conditioner… Anyway, step one is to take inventory of what you are storing in your bathroom and get rid of everything you do not need AND everything you do not use. If you are like my father with the hundreds of travel size toiletries, buy a larger container and combine like with like or consider making a difference and donating these necessary toiletries to a shelter or even ship care packages to our armed forces. Either way, it’s time to de-clutter! Look at best-buy dates to help you decide, especially when it comes to your medicine and over-the-counter products.

Consider Storage

Bathrooms really are typically very small for the amount of items you may think about storing there. Toilet paper, paper towels, medicine, toiletries and towels can become very bulky – however do you really need to store all of your extras in your bathroom? Okay, I get it, toilet paper is definitely handy to have in the bathroom; however, you can buy a toilet paper roll holder, which allows you enough to have some extra for those emergency situations, and then keep the rest somewhere else where you have more room, say a pantry or even in your garage. Take a serious look at what and how much you are storing in your bathroom and see if there is not another logical place it can be stored.

Toilet Paper Holder

They come in various sizes and looks – you are sure to find one to suit your needs!

Shower Caddy

Keep your showers looking sparkly clean by removing all of your shower needs off the sides of the tub by using a shower caddy. They are in practically every store you visit and range from plastic, to metal, over the shower holders and even corner storage. You may not feel like your shower needs the help, but the look of an organized and clean shower/bathtub will help give your bathroom a much-needed makeover.

Toy Basket

If you have children, purchase a suction mesh bag to hold all of their favorite bath time toys. This will not only keep their toys in one place, it allows them to drain properly!

Medicine Cabinet

If you are short on storage space, consider installing a medicine cabinet on your wall. It will give you enough room to get some of your items put away neatly – like medicine, toothpaste, floss and even clippers! To maximize space, consider gluing a magnet to the inside of door of this cabinet and attach metal items like clippers and scissors – great space saver!


My husband turned me on to organizing with containers. It really allows everything to have a place and helps store nicely under the sink and in drawers. If you love buying in bulk, keep a container for extras, no one wants to be without a toothbrush or toothpaste. Keep these items available and in a container so if you need it they are there, but also remember if it is full, there is no reason to buy more! Another great use of containers is for bathroom cleaning supplies. There are even little caddies out there that will allow you to put your disinfectant, glass cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner and shower spray together, plus it makes for an easy carry from bathroom to bathroom. If you have room, keep it under your sink; if you do not have room, keep it in your garage. Containers are also great for keeping hair items together – get a bin or there are even cabinet door attachments to hang a hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron, etc. – you get my drift! The less lose items you have the more organized you will feel and look.

Over Toilet Storage

If you truly have limited storage, purchase a nice storage rack that fits over your toilet. They come in a variety of looks, some have doors and others do not. This storage unit can be a great place to put towels, washcloths, and other items you have run out of room for.


This is the easiest way to keep your bathroom looking organized and put together. Keep disposable wipes under your sink and wipe down the counter, sink and mirror daily to keep your bathroom looking its best. Another tip is to close your shower curtain. No one needs to see what is in there, unless they are actually taking a shower. A closed shower helps remove some of the clutter keeping your bathroom picture perfect.

You can keep your bathroom looking nice, decorative, and most importantly functional! Happy organizing!

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