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Customized Gifts In Recognition Of Your Company’s Anniversary

The popularity of promotional products could be seen clearly from the multitude of businesses that use it for advertising. They enhance the company’s image and increase the visibility of the brand. Apart from the traditional uses of customized gifts, you could also hand out these products in recognition of the business anniversary. In this case, the products will need to be given a more commemorative spin and perhaps distributed in limited quantities to increase the perception of its value. The hundredth anniversary deserves special recognition, but that does not mean that you cannot use promotion products to celebrate the 50th, or 25th or even 5th anniversary.

During such a celebration the products may be given to special customers, but most importantly the employees who have contributed to the company’s success. Gifts at this point will boost employee morale and help them feel like they are an important part of the organization. One small investment in your employees’ well-being will reap more results than you’ll ever know.

People enjoy promotional products because although they are free they can put them to good use. The more popular promotional products range from mugs, t-shirts, bags, pens, calendars, clocks, water bottles, and desk accessories. But for an anniversary celebration you’ll want to do something better to commemorate the occasion. Watches, clocks, cameras, desktop products, engraved pens and examples of items you can use.

For your employees, you can also offer health and spa products, including gift cards to a local spa or gyms. These can be placed in a box with the company’s logo on it. Watches, pens and clocks may be engraved with the company’s logo and the date of the anniversary celebration.

Advancements in printing technology make it feasible to have just about anything printed on the customized gifts to make them look attractive. You can have a group picture of the employees printed on some of the gifts along with the usual company information. For gifts that will be given to your customers, just the logo, address and other contact information will be sufficient. To distinguish these products for your other promotional gifts, print the date of the anniversary as well the anniversary that you’re celebrating. You can even choose special colors and font to mark the occasion.

Some marketing heads are quick to label anniversary promotional gifts as a waste of company resources. But studies have shown that these types of products have far reaching positive influences on the company’s image. Companies like Yahoo, Microsoft, Intel, and Apple use these types of promotions because they recognize the value.

Choose your customized gifts with care since it will affect the way your company is perceived. You’ll want your employees to feel treasured, not insulated by a poor quality gift that deserves to be in the garbage. Encourage goodwill with quality promotional products engraved with your company’s name.

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