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Deck Out Your Home Retro Style


It can be such an arduous task trying to decide on a particular style for your home, especially if you’re moving into it for the first time. Perhaps you want something that fits with the style of the rooms, or something that reflects your lifestyle better. Do you have a colour scheme in mind, or are you just going to see what looks right?

Maybe you don’t like the whole modern look; you just don’t find it appealing. Well, what about something more retro? Don’t assume that retro means you’ll be doing your appliance shopping in charity shops or at auctions (online or otherwise). There are a whole host of 21st century items that have been given that nostalgic veneer and they can really give your home a pop.

In fact, you may have even seen some retro-based household appliances online or down your local high street. For your kitchen you can get 1950s looking fridge freezers with the old style handles and curved doors, many of which come in a great range of colours. Lime green 50s refrigerators always stand out for me. Much more appealing than a plain white one and they make a great conversation starter.

range oven

Image courtesy of Anssi Koskinen (Flickr)

Or how about a classic range oven that looks and feels like an original AGA but without having to use solid fuel to cook with? Most modern range cookers are gas or electric.

And it’s not just in the kitchen either. If you love listening to music and/or the radio then you could always opt for a more nostalgic style radio or jukebox that has that authentic old look where you can turn your bedroom into a diner from a bygone era. What’s nice about these is that they are fully up-to-date in terms of their technology. It may look like a Union Jack radio that your Grandparents had but it’s completely digital. And those jukeboxes have sockets to plug your MP3 player into.

You could even go further and actually buy a working vinyl record player that allows you to spin your vintage LPs but which also comes equipped with modern devices so you can use it for your CDs or digital audio device.

Baby it’s Cold Outside

And leaving pop culture aside for a moment; if you want something that’s practical and is going to come in handy for the winter months, but you still want that classic look and feel, you might want to consider a cast iron coal fire to really make the place look cosy. But wait, that’s not coal – it’s entirely electric. What’s clever about these fires is that they give the impression of burning wood and coal behind that glass door, but it’s an illusion. Some of them even produce artificial dying embers to really give it that authentic look.

haywoodImage courtesy of Lee J Haywood (Flickr)

What an age to be alive, eh?

Glen Dorsett enjoys his Orgomans electric fire so much he just had to write an article about it.  Now all he needs is an old TV with bent antennas and he’s set.

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