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Did My Courtship Really Cost That Much?

Love is something that many dream about having. One thing you might not know is that love and dating can cost a lot. You might be dreaming of love but what you might not know is that relationship could cost a lot of money so it’s always best to save up as much as you can for the unexpected love affair to take place.

How Much Does Love Really Cost You?

True love and courtship can cost around $43, 842.08. Ouch. This might mean an empty wallet for a few of you after courtship. This is the estimated cost according to of couples who date for at least a year and then have a wedding. The estimated cost of courtship includes things like movie rentals, restaurant meals, flowers and more.

Let’s go over the break down again as to how love can cost you so much.

  • Eating Out
    Eating out can be tons of fun and a great way to learn more about each other but if you want to impress your date you could end up spending over $100 dollars each time you decide to eat out instead of cooking a nice dinner for your date at home.
  • Movies
    A lot of couples enjoy going to the movies after they have a nice dinner. However, tickets can get pricey and more so if you go late at night instead of during the day. You might spend around $20/40 or more depending on if you buy refreshments and other things while you or there. Some theaters even have arcades in them so if your lover wants to play a few games that can also add up.
  • Flowers & Gift Baskets
    Couples argue and need to make up. When this happens flowers can be the best way to say that you are sorry. Flowers can also be used in other ways such as giving your partner flowers for their birthday or just to show them how much you love them. Maybe you are not into flowers but would rather give a gift basket flowing with fresh fruit. Either way, you could be looking at easily spending over $100 on flowers and gift baskets.
  • Teddy Bears
    A lot of people love giving out teddy bears so their partner will remember them at night as they are cuddling up with their teddy bear. If you decide to have a customized teddy bear then that might cost you $50 and above so if you just even get two teddy bears in one year it might be over $100 depending on what kind of teddy bear you get.
  • Jewelry
    It doesn’t matter if its rings or a necklace, the cost of jewelry can quickly add up fast and more so if your partner likes diamonds, gold or silver. You could end up spending thousands of dollars throughout the year on just jewelry.
  • Engagement And Wedding Rings
    Speaking of jewelry, there’s no such thing as a cheap engagement ring or wedding ring.  One ring alone might cost you thousands of dollars.
  • Gadgets And Technology
    Many love giving out iPods, i Phones  MP 3 players and the latest technology or gadgets as gifts these days to their partners. This is another area to where you could spend thousands of dollars on depending on what you give them. A 64 GB iPad Tablet with the newest generation and accessories could cost around $1000.


Try to save up your money whenever you can if you plan on wanting to impress your date. You never know what could happen between the two of you and in order to avoid bankruptcy, save as much as you can.

About Author:
Karina is a bank executive and a part time blogger who occasionally writes on finance and relationship, She recently read this article about the cost of love and found it very interesting.

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