DROID DNA vs Nexus 4

droid vs nexus

The DROID DNA is a plain incredible phone. With a 5 inch screen, and incredible specs, it goes the whole hog in competing with the iPhone. Google have also released a great phone in the Nexus 4. Wit both being on the Android operating system it is down to the looks and functionality as to whether one prefers one or the other. Let’s take a glance at the two phones together.

droid vs nexus


The Google Nexus 4 undoubtedly feels quality and looks quality. It is a sturdy phone with a high gloss finish and a nice pattern on the back. It can be prone to smudging and scuff marks. For me it appears very conventional. The design is not innovative in my opinion but then when did the Google Search Engine ever look nice. I remember the first time I saw I thought what is that? Yahoo is much better because it has stories. I now know functionality and practicality will win every time.

The HTC is a big phone, almost as big as the Samgung Note II. It has firmly put itself in the phablet camp. The Nexus 4 is 4.7 inches so is only slightly smaller. It seems easier to operate though and more usable in general. The HTC buttons are too flush in my opinion. They are hard to operate and too small. LG, the manufacturer this Google phone, have got the usability right. The keys are responsive, providing good feedback to their owner.


When it comes to the displays the HTC is the expected winner. The DROID DNA is one of the best in the whole of the market. They have incredible viewing angles, pixel density and colours. Viewing outside is not a problem as the screen is bright and usable even in direct sunlight. The Nexus 4 suffers a little compared to the HTC in all of these areas. It also has warm colour, but can have some distortions when viewed from extreme angles and some glare outdoors.


I am excited to see the next Google phone. I think they are an incredible company and they are able to get to the heart of any matter and get the important things right. The smartphone market is incredibly competitive, but Google are going to be able to throw a lot of money at getting themselves to the forefront.

Their partnership with LG on this phone has been a success and compared with just about any other phone I think they would get a positive outcome. The DROID DNA is just too good though. It is the best for me. Better than the Nexus 4, better than the iPhone and better than the Windows 8X.

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