Five Latest Work Clothes Trends in the Industry World

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When working in an industrial environment, one’s clothing must be built for economy, functionality, efficiency, comfort and protection. Fabrics should be economical, breathable, wearable daily and where applicable, sufficiently warm. Clothing should implement the latest technologies to serve the worker who wears them. Here we will discuss the merits of various tried and true elements and sources of the industrial worker’s wardrobe.

Trend #1: Steel-Toed Work Boots

Due to their functionality and superb ability to protect wearers from falling heavy objects, steel-toed work boots will never go out of style. It is absolutely necessary that boots can be worn for hours at a time, day in and day out and are fit for the feet that wear them. Consider whether you have wide or narrow feet and choose styles and sizes accordingly.

Good arch support is also necessary for those who are walking and lifting constantly at work. Hiking boots with ankle support also provide the right amount of foot protection and the broaden the array of fits to choose from on the market.

Trend #2: Wool Socks to Eliminate Blisters and Sweaty Feet

There is next to no appropriate place for cotton socks, especially on the job when your whole body is being put to the test. Wool socks minimize foot odors, maintain their shape and pull moisture away from the foot so that sweaty feet are the last thing on your mind. They also minimize or eliminate the possibility of blisters. They are more expensive than cotton due to their benefits so shopping online for sales to stock up is a good strategy.

Trend #3: Women’s Specific Fits

Increasingly, women are joining the industrial work force. Clothing that fits poorly can put a damper on a workers’ efficiency and negatively affect their self-image. Any worker, male or female, works most efficiently when he or she feels honored and appears professional. Women in the workforce should consider the myriad of women’s specific fits. Leading brands like engelbert strauss carry full industrial work-ready lines for the female form:

ladies fashion

Source: © engelbert strauss workwear

Trend #4: Coveralls for Maximum Protection and Efficiency

Coveralls offer superb weather and wind protection, allowing their wearers ample space for layering under the suit to maintain an optimum level of body heat in cold environments. They simplify the work wardrobe, eliminate the pinch of pants against the waist when bending over, the need for a belt and the possibility of distractions like shirts coming untucked when doing heavy lifting, navigating tunnels or moving around on the ground.

Most feature an ample number of pockets and hammer loops so that the things you need on you are never far away. Where toxic materials are involved, coveralls are your first line of defense against skin exposure.

Trend #5: Thrift Stores as a Source for Work Clothes

Purchasing proper work clothes can put a strain on the budget of one already trying to make ends meet on a limited income. Depending on the industry you work in, most proper work clothing can now be purchased at your local thrift store or Salvation Army due to the rising popularity of donating unwanted but still wearable clothing instead of simply throwing it away. Giving used clothing a second life is a great way to do your part for the environment by keeping it out of the landfills.

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