Four Simple Fashion Tips for Plus-Sized Women

women fashion

Women come in all shapes and sizes, and every woman deserves to look stylish and beautiful in fashionable clothes. You don’t have to be a model-sized stick figure to enjoy fashion and look fab; all you need are a few tips for dressing well as a plus-sized woman. Fortunately, these days stylish plus size clothing is available and accessible. Read on and see how to flatter your assets and wear stylish clothes with confidence.

women fashion

Tip *1: Play up the parts of your body you love the most.

Many of us have aspects of our figures that we’d rather not reveal. But don’t let that stop you from dressing well! Instead, identify your favorite assets, and highlight them accordingly.

For example, if you’ve got a gorgeous collarbone, show it off in a dress or top with a wide neckline. Do you love your toned calves? Try a forgiving A-line, knee-length dress that skims your hips and thighs but leaves your calves on display–and don’t forget a pair of heels to flatter those lower legs even more!

Tip *2: Wear clothing that fits.

So many plus-sized women try to camouflage their size and shape with over-sized, baggy clothing. But clothes that are too large don’t make you look smaller; they enlarge your silhouette.

Trust me: donning trousers, jackets, blouses and skirts that are fitted to your shape–but not skin-tight–will enhance your shape and actually make you look smaller than draggy, baggy clothes.

Tip *3: Embrace color and pattern.

Bright colors and gorgeous prints are a major style trend right now. As a plus-sized woman, you may think you can’t get away with attention-getting, trendy colors and patterns. You could not be more wrong! Sticking to black clothing because it’s “slimming” does your beautiful curves a disservice.

Who says only tiny girls can wear colors and prints? Anyone can embrace this trend; it’s all in the execution. For larger body types, choose slightly more subdued versions of the popular colors on display right now for the parts of your body you’d rather de-emphasize. For example, if you’re busty, steer clear of glaring fuchsia or fire engine red up top. Instead, show off your color sense with a plummy violet or a lovely crimson or burgundy shade.

When it comes to prints and patterns, size and scale are key. The larger the print, the more attention it attracts, so stick with a smaller print or a solid for your least favorite body parts, and save the bold florals for the areas you want to show off.

Tip *4: Flaunt your fashion sense with confidence!

No matter your shape or size, the key to looking fabulous and fashionable is feeling confident. Wear what you love, embrace your shape and go out in the world secure in the knowledge that you look great. After all, style isn’t tied to weight or shape–it’s an attitude!

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