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Going To School For Business? 5 Tips Experience Will Teach You

Going To School For Business- 5 Tips Experience Will Teach You

Education is certainly important. No one wants to work with someone who doesn’t have education they can rely upon. However, education is not the end-all of a good businessperson. If you want to succeed in business, you need to also learn the lessons that experience teaches. Here are five lessons learned from experience that will help you survive in the business world.

Going To School For Business- 5 Tips Experience Will Teach You

1. Surround Yourself with Leaders

If you want to have your company succeed, then you need to staff it with leaders. When you are surrounded by leaders, everyone strives to get things done and to support each other. The companies that look for excellence in employees will be the ones that thrive. When they face a difficult challenge such as implementing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), they will be able to meet the challenge head on.

2. Search for a Mentor

When you are faced with the difficult crossroads moments that every business career has from time-to-time, you will need the expert advice of a mentor you can trust. Don’t forget to pay this relationship forward later when you have the chance to mentor your own protégé.

3. Have No Fear

If there is one thing that experience teaches us, it is that the timid will not survive. It may be hard to do when you are first staring out, but you need to demonstrate confidence at all time. Even if you don’t feel confident, just pretend you have confidence. Before long, you won’t be pretending anymore. This kind of confidence is the stuff that successful companies like thrive on.

4. Mistakes Are the Best Teachers

When you are confident and pushing through your career, you are bound to make mistakes along the way. One of the major mistakes the inexperienced make is trying to be too perfect. When people have been in the business world for a while, their experience teaches them that they learn more from their mistakes than they do from their triumphs. Therefore, embrace every mistake you make along the way as an opportunity to learn and grow.

5. Trust Is the Most Powerful Sales Tool

Many people early in their careers believe that the product they are selling is the most important thing. Once you have been in the business world for a few years, you will realize that relationships are the only thing that matters. Even if you have the best product in the world, you are not going to do well if your customers do not trust you. This means that you need to cultivate and cherish every relationship you have with a customer. When you have gained a customer’s trust, you will have them as a customer.

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