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Home Improvement Failure! The Worst Household Repairs Ever

Household Repairs

Home Improvement is more than a clichéd 90’s sitcom that starred Tim Allen and a group of child actors that seemed to drop off the face of the earth as soon as the series came to an end. For some people, home improvement is a way of life; something to be proud of. Some of us simply don’t feel confident enough to tackle any home based projects, and even the idiot proof assembly instructions for Ikea furniture can fill us with dread. Even the most confident of home handymen (and handywomen) can sometimes get it wrong, and so sometimes it’s best to leave home improvement to the experts…

Household Repairs

Open Sesame

Fixing a drawer or cupboard door in the kitchen or bathroom might seem like a straightforward affair, and many of are used to hitting a drawer in the way that only someone who knows it can do: to make it un-stick itself and open. This approach doesn’t last forever, and sometimes a repair or replacement is needed- but it’s important to remember that after the repair, you need to actually be able to open them!

A Balcony Decoration

Major home improvement projects need the services of a qualified professional, since building a balcony where there are no doors or windows is something that only an amateur would do. Or maybe it’s a deliberate design choice- the balcony as a solely decorative feature.

Did You Forget Something?

It’s important to consider whether you have hard or soft water in your area, as this will influence what kind of pipes are best, and whether you’ll need water softener repair in the future. It’s all a bit redundant if you or your contractor forget the actual faucet.

Knocking Something Down

Knocking something down is often just as complicated as putting something up. Demolition is an exact science, and the amateur approach can end in despair and head injuries. It can be tempting to just go crazy and try to knock down a room or section of building with a sledgehammer, but it’s often not worth the trouble.

Disease on Demand

Sometimes things are lost in translation, but it’s a mystery as to why you should have choice of turning on the light… and turning on the smallpox? According to Star Trek, in the future we’ll be able to cure diseases with the press of a button, and it seems in the present we can maybe catch diseases with a flick of the switch.

So yes, it can often be better to consult a qualified professional, but a professional needs to inspire confidence in the consumer. And in this case, it seems that the contractor can’t even competently put up a bookcase, since they don’t seem to have access to a dictionary. Always be cautious with home improvement, because while mishaps can be funny when they happen in a sitcom, it’s not so funny when your house falls down, and Tim Allen won’t be there to wrap things up before the commercial break!

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