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How Important Are Business Cards?

Business Cards

A powerful form of marketing, business cards are vital to have in a company’s armoury. An impressive looking business card can make a significant difference to a company’s profit margins in a number of ways:

Business Cards

Contact details are present

Many contact details can be on a business card. Along with a telephone number and an email address, a business card can also detail a head office’s address. When a business card is handed to a client, they will know how to contact an organisation because all of the relevant details are present. A business card can even display a company’s opening hours. As a result, clients are fully aware of when they can contact a company.

It can have a company logo

Along with contact details, a company logo can also be on a business card. As a company logo has taken hours to design, it can also be on a business card and not just headed paper. When a logo is on a business card, a brand can develop because it will be associated with one company in particular.

A lot of thought should be put into its design

When a business card has an impressive design, it will more than likely be kept but the opposite happens when it looks amateur. If a poor quality design is chosen instead, a negative impression is cast. By spending a long time on creating a final design, it will instantly impress and won’t paint a company in a negative light. If a business doesn’t know what a final design should be like, a printing company can offer advice. Modifications could be made by a print company so that it has a stronger impact. After a design has been changed, it is bound to look completely different and a business card will more than likely have the ‘wow’ factor.

Awards can be displayed

If a company has won prestigious awards for their services, information about them can be on a business card. Not putting this information on a business card can be a major mistake, especially as winning an award will probably impress the person that it is given to. If a company has won several awards, the most recognised ones should be on a business card. When a company has been accredited by their peers, their services or products could be chosen more when this information is on their business card.

It won’t be thrown away

When a business card is printed onto strong card, it will be very difficult to tear. If poor quality card was used instead, it could break in half even when it is put into a wallet or a purse. By choosing a company that specialises in business card design, it will be incredibly strong where a lot of force is required to tear it. As a result, business cards can be kept in a holder alongside others for a very long time where they won’t be disposed of because they have a tough and durable design.

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