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How Much Better is an Iron Bed Over a Wooden One?

When deciding on the best bed for your home, it’s worth thinking about the many benefits offered by an iron bed over a wooden one. Some of these benefits include the quality of production and materials used in wrought iron beds, the flexibility and customization options you receive, the relative affordability and long term investment potential, and the ability to match an iron bed to a decoration scheme in alternative ways to a wooden bed. These benefits are discussed in more detail below, and should be weighed up when deciding to switch from a standard wooden bed to a more bespoke wrought iron bed.

Primarily, iron beds tend to last a lot longer than wooden beds. Durable wrought iron frames are designed to stand up to long term wear and tear, and require less maintenance in terms of wood splintering and aging. When investing in an iron bed, you are getting a product that’s going to be hand crafted and engineered to be a staple of a bedroom for years to come. Going for a hand crafted iron bed is consequently recommended if you want to gain a piece of furniture that’s going to be customized to your space and requirements.

In terms of this flexibility, iron beds can be ordered in a range of different sizes, from king size through to smaller day beds. While an iron bed may create associations with being imposing and needing a lot of space, this is far from the case with contemporary iron beds, which can be built to suit whatever space you have. The extra level of detail and finishing afforded to iron beds gives them an advantage here over wooden beds in terms of how much you can construct a metal frame to fit your needs. Moreover, an iron framed bed can be painted different colors depending on your room’s color scheme, and be adapted to suit un sprung and sprung bases, as well as different mattress sizes. Elaborate metalwork detailing, and brass and nickel bed knobs and feet can similarly be used to add small touches to the construction of an iron bed. The result is a more durable, but also more closely engineered bed for your room.

While iron beds may be more expensive, in general, than a wooden bed, you are effectively making an investment in quality. Bespoke beds will provide long lasting reliability for your home, and can add value to a property if you decide to include them in a future sale. This long term value is particularly found in children’s beds, which can stand up to years of use, and can also be repainted and tailored to your child’s needs. Being able to choose between different sized beds and accessories also provides flexibility in terms of only getting what you need from a bed.

At the same time, iron beds provide you with more options for mixing and matching design ideas. High quality iron bed frames can act as statement pieces within a rustic or traditional country style, with rounded edges and intricate detailwork allowing you to make the most of the design features of the metal. Alternatively, you can focus on matching an iron bed to a minimalist style by using straight lines and neutral colors. These themes can be extended to include wrought iron bed side tables and the use of additional colors through bedspreads and pillows.

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