How the Hiking Holiday Has Become Fashionable

Hiking Holiday

Over recent years there’s no doubt that the average Brit has had to get more creative with their holiday plans. Venturing abroad is simply not possible for a lot of people, meaning that they generally have to stay within the UK. It’s for this reason that hiking holidays are seeing a surge in popularity. It would be fair to say that they were reserved for a small niche of travellers several years ago, but nowadays many families are taking to the Great British countryside and spending their free time hiking the hills.

Of course, if you’ve been used to your sun blessed holidays on the Costa del Sol, a ten mile walk in the middle of nowhere might not seem to appealing. Bearing this in mind, we’ve put together the five reasons we think are behind the sudden popularity of hiking getaways.

Hiking Holiday


Experience Britain at its finest

Britain is a country that constantly receives negative press and most residents are quick to point out its faults. Unfortunately, these criticisms mask over the beauty that the country has at its disposal. If you venture to the likes of Suffolk, Yorkshire, Scotland or any other region that is blessed with miles of countryside, you are likely to see sights that you never knew existed. Whether it’s the countless English Heritage sites that draw millions of tourists every single year, or the forests, parks and rivers that are dotted around, a hiking trip really does open up your eyes and highlight that the UK really isn’t that bad!

Take the dog

If you’ve never owned a dog, you’re unlikely to grasp this advantage. However, for any pet-lovers out there this is a hugely important factor and means that the whole family can escape – rather than leaving your canine friend in kennels.

Stay anywhere you like

The beauty about hiking is that you’re not restricted to staying on the same resort and you can move around the area as much as you please. Most serious hikers will take a backpack with all of their belongings, meaning that they can hop from hotel to hotel or even turn the holiday into a camping escape. For example, with East Anglia being one the most popular hiking destinations in the UK, it’s very easy to find a bed and breakfast in Suffolk for every part of your journey which means you can explore the whole region very easily.

Slash those unnecessary costs

If you’ve been reading the news recently, you’ve probably heard that a certain budget airline has decided to hike their baggage costs to astonishing levels. Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to holidays abroad and whether or not it’s the airport transfer, the car hire or the cost of loungers at the beach, these are issues that simply won’t pose a problem on a hiking getaway and you’ll therefore save a considerable amount of money.

Meet others

Contrary to popular belief, hiking holidays don’t have to be lonely. In fact, most occur in tours and it’s very easy to find various groups walking off around the country. Therefore, while some will prefer their hike to just be comprised of family, it’s possible to go in larger groups and bring in the social element of the experience.

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