How to Save Money on Apple Products

apple products

Do you have your eye on a new iPod Touch, iPad or a MacBook Pro? Then you should know that you don’t have to visit the official Apple store to buy what you’re after as there are other options out there. One way to save a bundle is to buy refurbished Apple products.

apple products

It’s easy to find refurbished Apple products online that are in like new condition and which come with limited warranties. What is a refurbished product? It is simply a product that’s been returned to the manufacturer for some reason. It could be that the iPhone, iPad or Mac computer was an unwanted gift someone received. Maybe the item was never even used but simply taken out of its box. Every refurbished product you buy from a reputable store has been fully inspected to ensure that it is working as it should. There may be some slight scratches on these items or other signs of use so be sure to ask questions and to read the product description with care.

While the official Apple store carries mostly brand new, current models of its products, other retailers online offer significant discounts on outdated models. If you don’t mind owning the previous version of an Apple product, skip using the official Apple store and instead look for a store online that has the previous model. This is a good way to save yourself anywhere from $50 to $200, depending upon what Apple product you are buying.

Another way to save on Apple products is to visit online auction sites like eBay. You could get lucky and be the lowest bidder on a new iPad, iPhone or another Apple product wherein you end up saving yourself a significant amount of money. One word of caution when bidding on items is to only bid if the seller has a very good feedback rating. Also, pay close attention to shipping fees and terms because don’t need any surprises once you’ve placed a bit and won an item.

It would also pay off to visit your local Apple store just to see if it happens to have a sale running on outdated products. Apple stores inside malls and shopping centers often run sales so that they can clear the shelves to make room for the most current iPhones, iPads and Macs. Also check your local newspaper ‘buy and sell’ section as you could run across ads for Apple products being sold by private individuals.

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