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How To Seal A Stone Tile Backsplash

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The backsplash in your kitchen is definitely going to get dirty. Whether you do a lot of cooking, or only the minimum amount, there will probably be times when you splash or splatter something and it will get on the backsplash. Even a glass of water could result in hard water spots on the backsplash. If you have glass tiles on your backsplash, it shouldn’t be too big of a problem. Because they are naturally nonporous, they are easy to wipe off with a warm, wet rag. If they get really dirty, you can even use some gentle dish soap. Stone tiles on the other hand could become stained if they do not get sealed properly. The following will walk you through the steps of sealing your stone tile backsplash.

Purchase Supplies

It will take a few things to seal the stone backsplash, so if you don’t have these things on hand, you will need to purchase them. The supplies you will need are:

  • A sponge and a rag
  • A drop cloth
  • Painter’s tape
  • A paintbrush
  • Stone sealer

You should be able to find most of these supplies at the local home improvement store, but you might also want to check the stone store where you got the tiles. They will probably have everything you need.

Clean The Area

If your backsplash has been in place for a while, it might already be dirty. Using the sponge, wipe off each of the tiles. If there are some distinct spots, you might have to get the sponge damp, but try not to soak the tile. If you do have to use a damp sponge, allow it to dry completely before sealing the tile.

Mask The Area

Using the painter’s tape, mask the area around the backsplash. Take the drop cloth and cover up the sink and counter that are directly below the backsplash. This will protect your kitchen from the sealer dripping or spilling.

Mix It Up

Take the stone sealer and read the instructions on the package. There might be some extra steps that you have to take to mix it up and prepare it for use. Always follow the directions exactly so that you will end up with the right results.

Apply The Sealer

Using the paintbrush, apply the sealer to each stone tile. Overlap strokes so that you are certain to get every last spot. Don’t skimp on the sealer, as you want it to actually seal the stone, but don’t use such huge amounts that it starts to drip all over the place either. Give the tiles a smooth, even coat. With the rag, wipe off any excess sealer or drips.

Let It Dry

The instructions on the sealer will probably give you an amount of time that you should wait and let the sealer dry. The stone will actually absorb the sealer and might need a few days to dry completely. Don’t use the kitchen near the backsplash in that time because you will not want to destroy the job you just did.

By sealing the stone tiles in your kitchen, you can be sure that it will be easier to clean and will not end up with unsightly stains.

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