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In Love with Libraries


A bookworm’s ideal place, libraries of today offers much more than just books. The role of a librarian is to assist the readers besides himself passionate about books. Read on to know more.


Picture this- a big hall with thousands of books neatly stocked in shelves according to subject or genre. Bookworms are sitting engrossed with their copies. There is pin drop silence. At a corner, sits a person with a register noting down the date and time of books borrowed by readers. The person is the librarian and the entire set up is a library.

Traditionally, libraries around the world have a similar set up. Hundreds of thousands of reading resources are available to read and borrow for s specified period. The collection includes books, periodicals, manuscripts, newspapers, films, prints, maps, documents, microform and various other formats. Technological advancement has given way to CDs, DVDs, videotapes, cassettes, e-books, databases and audiobooks. Depending upon the type, public or institutional, the collection can include books from several hundreds to millions.

Libraries are great way to make a nation informed. Librarianship as a profession has evolved over the years. No longer are librarians limited just to be custodians of books arranging on shelves. The present day Librarian jobs demand more than just keeping the books organized in a library. Advancement of technology has created electronic resources in libraries. Now many job openings for this post are titled as information managers.

Visit a Library

Visiting a library has many reasons. Individuals visit libraries as part of their research work in educational programs. Libraries provide professional study materials, which usually an individual cannot purchase. Individuals looking for books on specific author or topics take the services of librarians in finding or getting the desired information. The librarians help in converting information needs. The quite areas in the libraries are ideal for studying. Some common areas are kept to facilitate discussion or group studies.

The modern day libraries are not restricted to physical space, with individuals relying on electronic materials and digital tools. Here the librarians help the information seeker in navigating and analyzing information.

Jobs of librarians depend according the population addressed. Libraries of colleges or university have users from the particular body concerned. If librarian is working in large public facilities, the work responsibility increases, as it requires dealing with a large number of users. The

Role of a Librarian

First, the librarian has to ensure to create user-friendly library catalogues. Readers can easily find the books or materials searching.

Second, it is duty of librarians that require adding new copies up their collections. A certain amount of money is assigned to librarians for purchasing books, journals and other necessary materials. Stocking up new books is an intellectual decision and a librarian’s wisdom and years of experiences build a good collection.

For applying in librarian vacancies, the candidate must have a bachelor’s degree with a postgraduate librarianship qualification. Depending upon the study area, jobs are available to candidates. For example if a candidate has graduated with science degree, he is entitled to get a job in a science library.

Different Types of Libraries

Depending upon the experience and qualification, a candidate can apply in different types of libraries.

  • National libraries
  • Research libraries
  • Reference libraries
  • Public lending libraries
  • Academic libraries
  • Children’s libraries
  • Special libraries including museums, hospitals, law firms and private businesses

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