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Interesting Facts About AC/DC

ac dc current

AC/DC is the name of legendary hard rock band that hails from Australia. Malcolm and Angus Young formed this band in November in 1973. AC/DC is considered as the heavy metal’s initiator band as this was the band that introduced heavy metal in rock music. Rock and Roll music was all that they made in their band.

They have been rocking us from 1973 till date and in this period they have given some amazing hits. The music that this Australian band makes is loved by people of all segments and this is one of the major reasons behind their immense popularity. Rock fans might have known AC/DC’s greatness but if you are new in AC/DC’s fan list or in rock world then you might want to know some interesting facts about this band. You are right where u should be:

ac dc current

Here we go:

  • In 2005 AC/DC were second in the entertainer’s list of top earners and sixth in 2006 but they haven’t even released any album since 2000 and last time they performed was in 2003.
  • The co-songwriter and lead singer of “Highway to Hell” died moths after its recording due to alcohol’s heavy consumption.
  • Angus Young’s sister Margaret gave him the idea of his famous school uniform outfit which he wears on stage. Zorro, spider man, gorilla, superman are other outfits Angus has tried.
  • AC/DC name came from a sewing machine, AC/DC means alternating current/ direct current. Angus and Malcolm found it and thought it symbolizes band’s power driven performance, raw energy and love for their music.
  • In 1991, at Belfast, Angus without realizing that his second brief pair ripped out in front.  He realized it soon after Audience and entire band gone shocked by the sight.
  • For their band tour the y prefer buses instead of planes.
  • In “Monster of Rock” concert which held in Moscow had invited AC/DC as one of the four band that acted.
  • Bon always carries a tape recorder with him to record lyric and song ideas but he lost his this recorder on Highway to Hell tour.
  • Bon has written “She’s Got Balls” about Irene, his separated wife.
  • The album “Black in Black” was a tribute to Bon Scott. This album sold worldwide around 50 million units and it was second in the list top seller of all times by any artist, first was MJ’s thriller and it was on number one by any band.
  • Till 2010, worldwide 200 million and more albums were sold by AC/DC and out of which 71 million sold in US only.
  • AC/DC were on rank 23 on the VH1’s list of “100 Greatest Artists of All Times in 2010 and were on Fourth on VH1’s list of 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock.
  • MTV have named AC/DC seventh on their list of Greatest Heavy Metal Band of All Time.
  • Rolling Stone have ranked them 72 on their list of 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.

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