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Is the Marine Surveyor One of the Most Important Roles in the Country?

Marine Surveyor

While the UK has its critics, something that the vast majority of the population seem to appreciate is military personnel who serve their country. However, most of the time it’s the men and women on the frontline who receive all of the praise – and rightfully so considering everything they are putting at stake.

Marine Surveyor

Still, if you take a look through the military pyramid of workers there are many others that probably don’t receive the credit they deserve. One of these is the marine surveyor and with the UK waters heavily guarded, it would be fair to say that missions can be decided based on this individual’s competence.

Following on from this, we’ll now take a look at the role of the marine surveyor in detail and show how he or she is arguably just as important as the personnel who are in combat.

The Role

Unsurprisingly, submarines are not exactly simple pieces of machinery and those that operate them have to go through extensive training, which will be covered in the latter stages of this contribution.

The surveyor is responsible for checking to make sure every element of the device is in good working order. This means analysing the valves, hatchways, ventilators and general fittings. To gain an understanding at just how advanced some of these parts are, have a look at the submarine valves from Considering the fact that this is just one component of the submarine, there’s no disputing the amount of responsibility resting on the shoulders of the man who has to know all of these components inside out.

The Salary

With so much responsibility placed with this individual, it goes without saying that their salary reflects their worth to the submarine. For example, in the USA it’s not unknown for marine surveyors to be paid over $100,000 every year – although most tend to average around $77,000.

The Training

Considering the nature of the job, most people are under the assumption that there is an officially recognised training path for marine surveyors. Surprisingly, this isn’t the case and if one does wish to go down this career path, they really have to work out a route for themselves.

A lot of marine surveyors start off by working under an experienced professional and try to gain as much apprenticeship work as possible. Over recent times, several unofficial pathways have been established, with a lot of these offering Diplomas and similar training schemes to prepare a marine surveyor. This is probably the recommended route for the serious applicants although unfortunately, it can be the most expensive. Nevertheless, as highlighted in the previous section, if this is a career that does interest you the salary can more than make up the initial training costs.

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