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It’s Important For Lefties to Use Special Quality Brand Knives


Anyone who is left handed knows how difficult it is to cut with a knife made for right handed people. Southpaws or lefties as they are also called cannot cut things straight with typical knives made for right handed people because the knives are serrated on the left of the blade.

When a right handed person uses a regular or ‘normal’ knife, the effect of the serrations counteract the natural inward twisting action of the right hand which leads to a straight cut. But when a lefty uses one of these food prep or hunting knives, there is always an overhanging piece of what’s being cut as the knife is not balanced correctly in the hand of the southpaw. This is why it’s important for lefties to use special quality brand knives made just for them that are serrated on the right side of the blades so that things are cut correctly and in a straight manner as they should be.


Some people who are left handed believe that left handed knives are gimmicky. But once a doubter uses a knife made especially for left handed people, they realize that these knives are indeed what they should have been using all along. Today, there are many reputable retailers selling all types of hunting knives and quality brand knives for food preparation that are designed for lefties.

Only about ten percent of the population is left-handed and any lefty will quickly tell you that there is a lot of prejudice out there about their handedness. And, since most products are made for right handed people, southpaws often have to struggle to use everyday items right handed people take for granted. If you are a left handed person and you’ve never purchased hunting knives or quality brand knives designed for lefties, considering doing so. You will be very pleased with finally being able to cut things correctly and in a safe manner. If you aren’t left handed but know someone who is, one of the best gifts you could give that person is a knife made for lefties.

It can be challenging to find a local store which has a decent selection of left handed knives. However, it’s a breeze to find quality brand knives for southpaws on the internet. There are several shops online that sell nothing but left handed products so if you decide to shop on the web, do some basic comparison shopping before choosing a retailer as the prices of these special knives can vary considerably between stores.

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