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LED Rope Lights Make Lighting Projects Easy

lighting projects

When it comes to home repair and improvement projects, most intermediate to experienced do-it-yourselfers have no problem pulling out drywall or tackling complicated plumbing projects. But there’s one part of the house that even hardcore handymen won’t tackle; electrical systems.

Between complicated, and often outdated, wiring and the potential for serious injury and/or death, electrical work is something that’s usually left to the professionals. There is, however, a quiet revolution taking place that’s put elaborate lighting projects well within the reach of home improvement buffs; LED rope lights.

lighting projects

LED, short for light emitting diode, lights are easy to install, affordable to run, and extremely flexible (that’s why they’re called “rope lights”). Best of all, anyone with basic handyman skills can use these lights in a wide variety of projects without taking the risks normally associated with electrical projects.

For years, LED rope lights have been used in places like movie theaters and airliners where their rugged design makes them an affordable, long-lasting, lighting choice. If you’ve ever had to get up and visit the refreshment stand during a movie with stadium seating, your path was very likely lit up by these innovative products.

It’s only been in the last few years that LED rope light technology has moved to the consumer market, but so far it’s been a big hit. Every year more and more homeowners are using LED lights to craft elaborate holiday lighting displays. Not only do they appreciate how easy it is to work with LED, they also love the fact that these lights use just a fraction of the energy that traditional lighting displays use.

For anyone interested in learning how to work with LED lights, there’s no shortage of how-to videos and rope light calculator apps available online. Most folks are pleasantly surprised by the fact that rope lights can be purchased by the foot and easily linked into standard electrical outlets.

This ease of use has opened a world of possibilities, including the illumination of once dark and foreboding basement areas. With just a few feet of rope lights, home improvement buffs have created bright and warm space in some of the darkest corners of their home.

Thanks to LED rope technology, the lighting side of home improvement projects no longer requires the services of a high priced electrician. With a steady hand and attention to detail, anyone with basic home improvement skills can craft some pretty sweet lighting designs.

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