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Make Way For a Modern Loft

modern loft

Stroll around a downtown or urban area and you are sure to find awesome loft spaces. In fact, loft apartments can be found around warehouses, factories or other commercial buildings that appeal to people, who prefer residing in open living rooms.

Several people today are opting for loft living as soon as they move to an urban city to avoid long commutes as well as to rejuvenate with downtown neighborhoods. Irrespective of where you reside, you can always include the urban design or theme to your home with a bit of loft space designing. Here are a few ideas to help you decorate a modern loft.

modern loft

Basics of Loft Living:
City loft interior designs are distinguished by the architectural details such as support columns, wooden floors and exposed brick. Elevated open ceilings often leave pipes, rafters, beams and ductwork for industrial edge. Most of the loft apartments even feature apt sized windows with awesome views. Large sized glass panes can be left bare or dressed with some sheer fabric panels, blinds or shutters. Modern lofts are often designed in a sleek style with a bit of rustic touch.
Thus, when looking for modern loft design ideas, you will loads of ideas focusing on combining stainless steel, glass, stone and wood with other natural elements such as plants to soften up the urban feel. Colors schemes to consider when planning for loft space are taupe, cream or brown. Several modern loft interiors have accent furniture and walls in warm shades such as sage, gold, orange and red.

A modern loft décor ought to form a comfortable and functional flooring plan with ample spaces for working, storage, entertainment and relaxation. You can divide these various loft areas with furniture pieces, rugs or room dividers. You can opt for room division with folding or sliding screens, ceiling tracks, fabric panels and glass panels. Elevated platforms are also excellent way to create a gentle transition for your dining area or loft bedroom.

Urban loft design features concrete or rustic wooden floors, as they are both versatile as well as durable. Further, area rugs help to define the living areas as well as to add elegance and softness to the entire décor. Grouping your furniture is also a wise way to instill coziness and comfort into your loft. Make sure that you have upholstered fabrics such as leather, linen, wool and cotton on chairs and sofas. Another great way to adorn a modern loft is to introduce furniture items such as coffee table and extra seating arrangements.

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