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Negative Effects Of Divorce On Children

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Whether we like it or not, we have to learn to move on in life once we are through with the divorce process. This is easier said than done because there a number of loose ends that needs to be tied up. Further, if the divorce happens when we have children then things become even more complicated and painful. Whether it is painful for the husband and wife is a matter of conjecture. However, it is a fact that children could become innocent victims who get caught in the crossfire of deceit and treachery either from the husband and wife. It is therefore important to understand the negative impact and scar that is left behind on children in a divorce.

Though there are not much of substantial articles to prove about the negative impact of divorce on children, it is quite obvious that it does leave a scar behind. Children always love the company of their mother and father and when this umbrella of comfort is suddenly snatched away from them, they certainly feel very terrible. The child is either attached more to the mother or the father. When a divorce settlement leads to custody of the child with the wrong person, then things certainly could go very bad for the child. He or she will be left in the company of someone with whom they are not so comfortable with.

When the child is under the custody of the mother whom he or she loves, even then things may not be all smooth sailing. The mother could still be a victim of trauma and emotional pain. Under such circumstances, it may not be possible for the mother to take proper care of the child. This could lead to an emotional and mental discord and put the child under a lot of pain and stress. Further, not being able to see the father who so long was a part of the family could also lead to a piquant situation as far as the child is concerned.

Children who become victims of divorce of their parents are also known to suffer very badly as far as their grades and marks in schools are concerned. They also tend to become very reserved and when other children talk about their parents living a happy life, it makes the pain all the more unbearable for little children. There are many situations where children are forced to drop out of school because of the traumatic effect left behind because of such divorces.

There are also many instances where it has been found that such children tend to become stubborn and obstinate in their behavior. This often leads to violent skirmishes with their friends in school and home. Hence, there is little doubt that any divorce certainly takes its toll on the mental and emotional health of the children. This factor should be carefully weighed before parents decide to terminate their marriage relationships. The price that their children may eventually pay is too high when compared to keeping the marriage alive and kicking.

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