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Non-Traditional And Cheap Wedding Favor Ideas That Are Edible

One of the most common cheap wedding favor ideas are sweet treats. These are customary choices of wedding favors, which are also packaged in customary tiny gift boxes. Whatever sweet treat you choose as wedding favors, they should have something to hold them. You will have to get favor boxes, bags, or tulle to be used as containers.

You can purchase little containers at a store to pack the candies, chocolates, almonds, or mints but you also have the option to be very creative on how to make them look beautiful. Although it is traditional to put them inside a box, there are other options to present them. You can get mini keepsake boxes, shot glasses, little gift bags, and wedding favor boxes. They can be bought online as there are many wedding supplies being sold in the Internet nowadays.

Consider your personality and also the wedding theme when choose your wedding favors. Normally, wedding favors reflect both the bride and groom’s personalities, and consequently, the decision of what favors to get should also come from both.

Budget is also a main consideration for wedding favors. If you want something affordable, yet modern, there are various sources where you can look for non-traditional but cheap wedding favor ideas. As for edible favors, you can use Chinese food takeout boxes which are commonly used these days because they are inexpensive and presentable at the same time. These boxes come in different designs and colors which you can easily match with your wedding decorations and also to other items on the tables.

Another alternative container option is a paper bag. You can buy paper bags in bulk at a lower price and then make them presentable by decorating them. You can place a special blend of coffee or delicious cookies in the bags. Then decorate the paper bag with paper doilies, ribbons, or thank you card. You can make it more special by putting printed stickers with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date.

There are many other edible cheap wedding favor ideas that you can choose from. The important thing is to plan your wedding favor as early as you can so that you will have enough time to find something that fits your budget. It is also helpful to search the Internet not only for traditional wedding favor ideas but also for new ideas.

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