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Why Online Estate Agents Have Surged in Popularity

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The concept of selling your house online is a relatively new thing. It’s not so long ago that when it came to house sales you really had no choice. It was either sign up with one of the high street estate agents or go it alone and try to sell it yourself. Of course this was not always very successful and could still prove to be quite costly, with the expense of weekly advertising to pay until you managed to find a buyer. No wonder then that most people used the services of the local high street agent. High fees and a lack of feedback were the main drawbacks, with costs running into thousands, but unjustifiable in most cases.

real estate agent

When online estate agents began to appear, then it took no time at all for them to take off and they began to surge in popularity. After all, why would you want to pay literally thousands when you could achieve the same end result for a few hundred pounds? In some ways it’s easy to understand why their costs are significantly cheaper. They don’t have quite the same overheads as those based on the high street and can work from an out of town location instantly saving money. But, not only is it the cheaper fees that make them popular, the flexibility of the process, such as the option to show potential interested buyers around your property yourself is also proving to be a success.

After all, you know much more about your property and the surrounding area than an estate agent and can probably make a good job of “selling” it, and with most online agents you will have a choice of packages, meaning that the more you are willing to do yourself then the cheaper it will be.

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