Physical Death Is Not The End To Any Person’s Existence

Physical Death

There is that one thing which very few folks who will disagree on is that life isn’t fair, right? In their early pre-teen years one often thinks that life is bloomy and colorful but as teenage injects in, more one gets to know of the minor complexities of life. And the ironic fact is that this is not all because the whole thing takes an even bigger turn when one first steps on the path of adulthood. Here the greatest challenge is perhaps to maintain one’s integrity with one’s conscience. As many noted personas said that a man is known by his actions, it is indeed a true notion.

No matter how much money a person has if the individual is disliked by virtually everyone, then there is no way, that anyone will remember the person post demise. On the other hand, you can very well see that people who really have that spark of goodness in them is well remembered even years after their death. Such is the case with Eric Ulysses Miller. Eric who has passed away in August 14, 2010, at John C. Lincoln North Mountain in Phoenix still conquers the heart of many.

Physical Death

Being a person who was really soft inside and always wanted to reach out to people who needed help or assistance with something, Eric experienced quite a shock when his loved grandfather, Nolan Phillip Bailey passed away. As a person with a strong connection to humanity in whole, it is quite natural that one will be hugely taken aback when his favorite person suddenly meets the end of physical existence. Also the case turned to be even more worse when his grandmothers Tansy Mae Bailey and Prim Rose Mitchell also had their sad demise. After a year long battle with a intrinsically complicated medical condition, Eric left his loved ones and crossed the barrier of life and what is beyond it.

In present day, Eric is survived by his stepfather Harold Lee Miller Sr. of Texas; Nolan Phyllis Lawson of Phoenix, his mother; brothers Harold Lee Miller Jr. of Phoenix, Phillip Nolan Miller of Phoenix, Carleton Dwight Miller of Phoenix, Kevin Lewis Miller Sr. of Tucson; Ina Cruchette’ Miller of Tucson, Brenda Joyce Clay of Corpus Christi and Myrtle Beatrice McCalvin of Corpus Christi, Texas ; 14 nephews; and six nieces as well.

What is tragic about Eric is that while most of the individuals of his age live cheerfully and enjoy life, he has met his sad demise. But it is somewhat true that exceptional individuals are called upon by God even earlier. Again the amazing fact is that despite this all, he still has raging popularity among a large cross section of people which even a well and alive person finds it nearly impossible to achieve. Therefore, the better one’s actions are, the better place they make in the heart of people and it is no exception in the case of Eric Ulysses Miller as well.

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