Plane, Boat Or Train: What is The Best Way To Travel?

There are many ways to travel to a selection of countries. If you have tried all of the methods or not travelled before, then you may be unsure as to which to use. There are a lot of differences between them and it is worth considering them all before you make your final decision as to which to use.

  • Plane: 

    Flying is the most expensive way to travel most of the time. There are exceptions to this in some cases, depending on whether you can get a good deal, find a budget airline and so on. Generally it is the dearest though. There is a reason for this though and this is speed. A plane is the fastest way to travel and so it can get you from place to place in the most speedy manner. However, it is worth remembering that you will have to get to the airport early to check in and you may have some distance to travel to get to the airport in the first place and to get from the airport to your final destination. This could add on a significant amount of time. So if you are travelling a short distance, it may actually take longer by plane.

  • Boat: 

    Travelling by boat can be a cheaper option than flying. You will still need to arrive a bit earlier to check in and you may have some distance to travel to get to the boat and to get form to your final destination. You can take your car on ferries and this could be a great advantage if you want to drive and explore at the other end. Some people do not travel well by boat and find that they get sea sick and although some people get unwell on other types of transport as well, the boat can be worse for many.

  • Train: 

    A train can be convenient as there are many places where you can catch it. There are lots of different stations and connections, meaning that it is possible to get to many places travelling by train alone. If you are going a very long distance, then it may not be possible to complete your whole journey by train though.The decision will probably be therefore partly due to the options that you have. Budget will also be a big factor. You may also find some sorts of transport more comfortable than others, although this is a very personal thing and something that you will only know of you have tried them all. However, if you do have the choice, then time could be the main influence as it would be best to be able to complete your journey in the least amount of time possible so that you can get on with enjoying your holiday.

Sarah McPherson often writes on behalf of the One Mile Beach Holiday Park which is located in NSW Australian. The One Mile Beach holiday Park is a Port Stephens Accommodation provider ideally located right next to the beach.

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