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Reverse Vasectomy Can Herald The Beginning of A New Era

A vasectomy is a somewhat permanent birth control procedure for men in which surgeons cut the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the penis. These tubes are known as the vas deferens. A vasectomy makes a man sperm-free – it is like a form of permanent birth-control.

A reverse vasectomy, which is also referred to as vasovasostomy, is a surgical process that reverses a vasectomy. After a successful procedure, men can father children again, and this can be a boon for many families.

A reverse vasectomy has many pros and cons, and it is important to understand these before making a decision to go in for surgery. Here are these factors:

Advantages of getting a vasectomy reversal

1. Many men go in for a vasectomy for different reasons – maybe they do not have enough money to support a family, maybe they do it because they are contented in life, or for many other reasons. But life is complex and situations can change in a dramatic manner – a poor person can become wealthy, a contented man can get divorced or find himself devoid of a family because of an accident, etc. A reverse vasectomy can help men get a family in changed situations, whatever they may be.

2. The procedure restores fertility in men and thereby helps them regain their confidence – and new member(s) in their family.

Facts to know before committing to a vasovasostomy

1. Though a vasovasostomy is a simple procedure, and enjoys a high success rate, it does not guarantee the return of fertility. One important factor to watch out for is the age of the man opting for a reverse vasectomy – remember, as men age they lose their natural conception abilities.

2. Another age-related factor to watch out for is age differential between the original and the reverse vasectomies. The period between these surgeries is inversely proportional to the vasovasostomy’s success rate. So, if a man waits for a long time before opting for a reverse vasectomy procedure, then the chances of his conceiving naturally will become lower. If the period between the surgeries is 3 years, then the natural conception success rate is about 50%; and if the period is 10 years, then the success rate goes down to 30%.

3. Men should choose vasectomy only when they are 100% certain that they do not want any children going forward. One simple wrong judgment can ruin a man’s posterity.

4. One complication that can arise is the development of scar tissue, which can originate at the time of the original vasectomy. The scar tissue can block the vas deferens and in such circumstances, a reverse vasectomy may not help.

A reverse vasectomy has the capability to begin a new era in the lives of men and their families. However, they must understand the ground realities before opting for the procedure.

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