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Selecting the Right Retirement Village for Winter Relocation

winter moving

If you are like many, you may live in your hometown because your family does. As adults mature into retirement age, they begin to have more freedom and more choices. One of those choices is being more flexible about where you lay your head at night. If you cannot stand the idea of living in the freezing cold for the next four to five months, you can be one of the many snowbirds that flock to warmer climates during the colder winter months that spread across our nation. This decision should not just be made overnight though.

No matter what position you are in, make sure you review our four tips for making an informed decision about selecting the right retirement village for winter relocation.

winter moving

1. Discover Your Favorite Regions

Narrow down your search and figure out what part of the south you want to live in. Do you like the dry, desert climate of Arizona or do you prefer the tropical feel of Florida? Would you rather live in a small city or a large metropolis? This may sound simple, but it will go a long way in helping you zone in on the area you would be happiest before you begin researching retirement villages.

2. Must Have Amenities

Now you know the area you would be most happy, it is time to figure out the amenities you want to enjoy at your retirement village. Will you be moving in with a loved one or are you looking to make friends? If you want to make new friends or simply love being social, look for a retirement village that has organized activities and trips to make you stay even more exciting. Other amenities to think about are, enjoying a swimming pool or exercise facility, reviewing services offered, community meals and local restaurants, health services, beauty salons and some even have small libraries for those who love the written word.

3. Drop In

There is nothing better than simply dropping in at a retirement village to catch the daily happenings, its about as real life as you will get before you actually move in. While you are visiting and viewing the property be sure to talk to the managing officers of the village, as well as, those working at the different services offered. It is also a good idea to talk with the residents, find out what they love and what they would like to see improved. Make sure you feel good about the social life and the lifestyle offered at the village in general.

4. The Future

While you are only planning on spending your winters in this retirement village, its important to know that the facility will grow with you as you age. Most people will want to keep living at the same village during the winter months; and you especially will not want to begin researching a home that can handle you in your older golden ages once you are there, so do the research now.

Explore the accessibility of the village and the different amenities in case there is a time when you are physically challenged. Does the facility offer assisted living options, help with cleaning, cooking, as well as medical care? You can also ask to review the facilities last audited accounts and financial forecast to ensure the longevity of the operation.

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