Slimmed Down? Summer Styles You’ll Want to Try

colored tight jeans

You’ve done it! You’ve slimmed down your thighs and trimmed your tummy. Now it’s time to show off your new figure in some sizzling summer fashion. Brands like Reem can provide the clothing; your new shape will provide the style. Get out your wallet and head to the stores.

Colored Jeans

colored tight jeans

Close-fitting colored jeans are a fabulous fashion statement that will really highlight your new slim silhouette. These jeans are on trend and reflect the carefree attitude of the season. They are a hot summer look when paired with sandals or heels and a smart summer top.


The little sundress is another classic and yet still current look. Now, instead of finding one with a full skirt, you can choose one that skims your hips and showcases your legs. Long, leggy looks go with sunshine and blue skies. The sundress also makes you look young and adventurous, so go ahead and buy several for your closet.


Now that you’ve gotten into shape, indulge yourself with colorful shorts ranging from hip huggers to slim capris. Nothing says summer like a tight pair of denim short shorts that show off your new and improved assets. For a casual look that will still take you town or the office, a tailored capris pant in basic white works well with all your accessories. Now that you are slim and trim, you never need to be afraid of white again. For variety, throw in a few pairs of bold Bermuda shorts for the sheer fun of it.


You also have a choice of summer tops and blouses to pick from this season. Slim bright colors and patterns will show off your smaller waist and toned arms. Sleeveless is always a cool summer look, and for those nights that call for more daring, spaghetti straps or a halter style will bring the heat.

Denim Skirt

Never underestimate the allure of a basic denim skirt. Wearing one this year will draw attention to your slimmer curves, shapely legs, and new-improved rear view. These skirts are incredibly versatile and make a wonderful foundation piece for your hot weather wardrobe.

Your clothing options are now nearly endless. All the styles you used to reject because you were self-conscious about your body are now open to you. Make it your summer project to try different designs and colors and show them off to the world. It’s a new day for you and your closet.

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