Spotted! The Hottest Celebrities In New York

hottest new york celebrities

New York has once again proved to be the city that many happening cine celebrities simply adore. Over here, we take a look at five of the most sensational celebrity sightings in New York over the past few weeks.

hottest new york celebrities

Love the glitz and glamor of the world of showbiz? Wish to keep up with what your favorite celebrities have been doing in New York lately? Let’s take a sneak peek:

  • Adam Levine (at The Mercer Kitchen) – Happening musician and actor Adam Levine was spotted last week with a group of buddies at The Mercer Kitchen – that virtual haven for popular celebrities. The time, you ask? A very star-like 2 a.m.! Apart from his male friends, Levine was also accompanied by a pretty young lady, during the revelries. Looking chic and stylish (as usual!) in denims and a hooded jacket, Levine was seen to have a really good time chatting with his friends. Now, that’s what we expect from the Saturday Night Live host, right?
  • Bethenny Frankel (at Indochine Hotel) – Going by the frenzy of media reporters, the appearance of the pretty and stylish Bethenny Frankel at the Indochine Hotel a couple of days ago definitely ranks as one of the most talked-about celebrity sightings in NYC in recent times. The reality television starlet was spotted at around 8p.m at the hotel, where she was accompanied by a suave guy. Frankel turned heads with her smart and trendy black outfit, and she surely looked to be in high spirits. Moved on from her recent divorce, we assume?
  • Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore (at Crown Restaurant) – Trust the Charlie’s Angels (at least two of them!) to turn up the heat on a January evening at New York. Reporters, forever on the hunt for celebrity sightings in NYC, were sent into a tizzy at the sight of the two gorgeous ladies, who had handsome dates in tow. While Barrymore went the conventional way (she was accompanied by her hubby, Will Kopelman) – there was more than an air of mystery about the dashing man partnering Diaz. Over their steak and pasta dinner, Barrymore gushed about her beautiful little princess, Olive. We wonder what’s cooking in the love-life of Diaz though!
  • Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively (at Nobu 57 restaurant) – Smart, chic and casual – that’s precisely how the charming Reynolds and the pretty Lively looked, as they were spotted at the Nobu 57 restaurant. There was a chill in the air – but that did not stop onlookers from stopping in their tracks to do some winter celebrity sightings in NYC. Dressed in a designer green jacket, Lively looked at her cutest best – and she was seen fidgeting with her mobile handset (no, we don’t know who she was conversing with!). Reynolds, on the other hand, had a hat on – and his slightly unkempt look simply made him all the more alluring. Now we know how he makes ladies go weak at their knees!
  • Jason Statham (at Marquee) – If you thought that macho men don’t quite know how to romance – you should have checked out the mushy side of Jason Statham at the Marquee last week. The occasion was the after-party of the premiere screening of Statham’s latest blockbuster, ‘Parker’ – and he tagged along his present romantic interest, the saucy Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (a noted model herself) to the festivities. Statham looked as handsome as ever in an all-black suit, and it was really cute to see how he snuggled close to his girlfriend right through the course of the party. That they made a quiet and quick getaway, well before 11:30pm, did not escape the attention of the media personnel over there either. How we wish that the leading lady of ‘Parker’, the smokin’ hot Jennifer Lopez, was also present at the premiere bash!

If you are a fan of cine celebrities, keep an eye out at the various popular joints in New York, where the hottest of stars are often spotted. You can also watch this space for more news on celebrity sightings in New York – as and when we catch a glimpse of them. Who said that we were only interested in the stars’ onscreen performances?

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