The Best Vessels for Drinking Coffee

If you’re honest, you always know which your favorite coffee mug is. It’s nice and relaxing and even if it the outside print has faded, it still feels comfortable in your hands. Even a small chip or two on the handle doesn’t worry you. There are many different types and styles of mugs, cups, glasses and plastic or recyclable containers used to drink coffee every day. Which do you prefer?

Bone china

Although the British consider themselves as long-term tea drinkers, many, if not more, drink coffee regularly or mix-and-match between tea and coffee. When you look back at history, the finest bone china was always the preferred vessel for drinking coffee and still remains this way for the older generation. If you ask for a coffee in a restaurant, it is still likely to be served in a cup with a saucer but elsewhere the 70s saw the move from using cups and saucers to the humble coffee mug.

Coffee mugs

When you open your kitchen cabinets and aim to pull out your favorite coffee mug, no doubt there will be 20 or 30 more coffee mugs alongside. People tend to give coffee mugs as gifts and even if you never use those given to you, they still maintain pride of place in your kitchen, in case the gift giver drops by.

One advantage of using a coffee mug over a cup and saucer is the opportunity to drink more without having to leave the comfort of your sofa to visit your kitchen for a refill.

At work, your coffee mug can be one of your most prized possessions. Woe betide anyone who accidentally uses another person’s coffee. When the day arrives that you hand in your notice or hear the dreaded phrase – you’re fired – your coffee mug will be the first item into the bottom of your brown cardboard box.


Although coffee is essentially a hot drink, there are now many iced versions of your favorite mocha, latte or espresso, where glass can be used to hold the ice, your coffee and additional flavorings.

Some glass, of course, can be used with hot water drinks, providing it has been treated to be able to withstand high temperatures, but it is still rare to see hot coffee in a glass.

Paper cups

Trying to be environmentally friendly, many different styles of paper cups have been introduced, especially into the high street chain coffee shops. For the people who manage to miss the strategically positioned waste bins, it’s easy to spot a range of paper coffee cups with instantly recognizable logos adorning town centers throughout the UK. However, most people prefer their coffee in something other than Styrofoam.

Whatever your preference, you have plenty of choices for getting your daily measure of coffee and its wonderful aroma.

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