The Latest Korean Fashion Trends

korean fashion trends

The Latest Trends

The Fall/Winter 2012 season brings with it new fashion trends in Korean fashion and global fashion.  Some of the biggest trends this season in Asian are crop jackets, oxford shirts, color blocking, and exotic patterns.  All in all, this Autumn/Winter season has seen many fashion trends be taken back to the basics in their color scheme, cut, or use of pattern.  ‘Classic’ is the new ‘modern’.

korean fashion trends

Crop Jackets

Bright colored short jackets are such a popular recent Korean fashion trend that celebrities, like the girls of Orange Caramel, have been sporting them.  The jackets combine the crop-top trend with the bright color-block trend in a fresh, vibrant way.  Available in colors like orange, light green or blue, they appeal to the younger generations as well. Easily paired with dark denim or an edgy tutu for a high fashion look, this trend is so popular because of its diverse appeal.

Oxford Shirts

Another present Korean fashion trend is the re-invention of the oxford shirt.  While this classic has been around for decades, this season it has become staple casual-wear for so many people.  This androgynous look is great for men and women and can be fitted or loose cut.  Take the oxford classic a step further and wear it all the way button-up for a young, hip look.

Color Blocking

Monochrome and neon color blocking has been the biggest trend of 2012 and the fall/winter season is no exception to this.  Whether used in designing blazers, suits, leggings, skirts or shirts this style has become the most accessible style of this year.


Asian clothing often mixes unique textures and prints giving them an exotic and eclectic flair. Designers such as Doha and Lie Sang Bong are just a few that use this technique.  Asian designers such as these are gaining prestige around the world because they offer a unique blend of texture, color and character.

An Overview on Korean Fashion

Korean style is like no other style around the world because it is a unique blend of Eastern and Western fashion. The color is central to Korean designs, whether neon or pastel shades, these designers experiment with their palettes.  They also like to combine colors that are not usually used together to create a bold effect.  Korean fashion also uses a variety of high quality and luxurious fabric and material.  While silk is a coveted material for designs elsewhere in the world, in Korea it is the norm.

While each of the trends discussed are central to the feel of Korean fashion this season, Korean fashion is becoming central to the feel of the global fashion industry.  It might seem fair to conclude: Korean fashion is in fashion.

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