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Themed Gift Baskets – For A Dad Who Has Almost Everything

themed gifts

If your dad is a hard man to shop for then consider a gift basket that you either assemble yourself, or purchase ready made. This sort of a gift can be for your dad of many interests and is definitely customizable to meet your own dad’s unique wishes for a Christmas gift. Below are some great ideas or you can go out and customize one to suit your dad perfectly.

themed gifts

Dads With Companion Animals

What about a collar, leash, toy, gift certificate to a pet store (online or brick and mortar), food, a gift card for those vet visits, a promissory note from you to walk the dog occasionally, dog clothes for cold weather, and the gift basket itself (which can make a great pet bed if it’s the right shape and handle-less). Ones with handles are tempting to gnaw on for both dogs and cats.

High Tech Dads

What about a gift card to an electronics store, computer cables and an external USB hub for those extra plugins, software, a new digital or video camera, a few instructional books, recordable DVDs and cases, labels, fancy paper, a new cartridge for his printer, and so on. This list can be large, depending on your dad’s particular area of high tech interest. You can also consider a new tablet computer for dad so he can be connected wherever he goes, or even a spiffy Smart phone.

Dads With Cars

A gift card to the mechanic for a lube and oil change, polishing kits, gift card for supplies, car wash prepaid card, a promissory note from you for car washes, the same from you for drives to places he might not otherwise want to drive to such as longer distances, or special sites, etc.  This can be especially rewarding to spend some quality time together.

Dads Who Love To Renovate

What about a gift card to one of those huge big box home improvement stores, a promissory note to clean out dad’s garage or back yard, the promise to help one day a month with yard work, a trip or two to the dump to haul away garbage that may have accumulated, help with painting a room in dad’s house, a set of paint rollers and brushes and gift certificate to a paint store and book of paint swatches, and so on.

If your father has a penchant for downloading all sorts of music from iTunes then you can also consider getting him a real-looking iTunes jukebox which is the new millennium way to listen to your music, yet it looks retro.

Dads Who Like To Work With Wood

For this type of artisan you can always purchase some new tools, or a special tool he’s always wanted, or pieces of fine whittling wood, or even a new workbench or magnifying equipment. A protective leather apron is another great item for the avid woodworker. Throw in a spiffy new lamp and your dad will be all set to carve the next great masterpiece.

Dads Who Like To Play Games

There are classic board games such as Monopoly and many others, plus specialty chess sets and board games in editions like Klingon for the dad who loves Star Trek. Also, there are hundreds and hundreds of electronic games for the computer and they range from simple, relaxing games, to board games, to deluxe simulator games where you father can be immersed in other worlds for hours.

Mike and his wife Beth have two grown kids and love to spend time with family including a granddaughter.  They live in a quaint little town called Port Townsend Washington and close by their daughter. Their son lives on the East coast of the U.S. Kelley keeps in contact with his son and other family members via the new info highway, the Internet. Mike enjoys collecting many things that are retro and antique and he’s always wanted a Pac-Man arcade machine which is one reason he runs Perhaps one of his children will get him one for Christmas.

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