Things To Do in Phoenix

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Phoenix is the capital city of the state of Arizona and also one of the most populous city in USA and Arizona the sixth most densely populated state . Arizona lies in the South-West of the nation. Lying amid a desert,  Arizona is known for its scorching summers and mild winters. The state shares its borders with New Mexico, Nevada, California, Utah and Mexico.

Most of the people going to Phoenix head straight to a resort just to laze off and avoid going out in scorching sun. But don’t give in and go ahead to explore the city.

phoenix travel

Here are a few must do things in Phoenix:

Grand Canyon: Grand Canyon is one of the seven wonders and one of a kind structure. River Colorado flows along this massive structure which is 446 km long and 29 km wide. There are steep gorges which are more than a mile deep. The canyon in Arizona attracts around 6 million tourists every year. People can be seen hiking or biking. Most people visit the southern rim of the Canyon.

Phoenix Art Museum: The art museum in Phoenix is the largest museum for visual art. The museum is 25000 sq m and holds one of the biggest exhibitions. It has a display collection if 18000 artists from North and South America, Europe, Caribbean, Asian artists. The paintings are an ideal mix of contemporary and  modern art. The place holds a number of exhibitions, art and educational programs, festivals, art films and live programs.

Castles N’ Coasters: Doesn’t matter you are a kind or a grandpa this place is fun for one and all. Castles N’ Coasters is the best amusement park in Arizona. With some fear inducing roller coasters, go cart tracks and many crazy rides with miniature golf course. A visit to this park is nothing less than insane fun.

Camelback Mountain: This place derives its name from its shape. The mountain resembles the shape of a camel hump. It’s a popular place for Hiking and Recreation.

So book your flights to Phoenix  for an adventurous and fun-filled vacation.

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