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Three Things to Consider When Buying a Shuffleboard Table

Shuffleboard Table

The game of shuffleboard has a history that dates back over 500 years. It is thought that shuffleboard was first played by royalty in England. Over time, the game’s popularity spread wherein it was being played on cruise ships, inside pubs, and in retirement homes because it did not require much room. While the original game was played outdoors on special courts, today shuffleboard tables for inside use are common sights in bars, recreation centers and inside homes.

It can be confusing knowing which shuffleboard table is right your home entertainment room as these tables come in many sizes and styles. Here are three key things to consider when shopping for shuffleboard tables.

Shuffleboard Table


One of the most important factors to consider when buying a shuffleboard table is size. These tables can vary in size from around nine feet up to 22 feet in length and the width can vary between 16 and 20 or so inches. A standard, professional table is 22 feet in length and 20 inches wide. You need to consider the available space you have while allowing about an arm’s length and a half of playing space at each end and enough room for players to comfortably walk around the table. Remember that shuffleboard tables are long so you also need to be sure that you won’t have a problem getting the table you buy into the area of your home where it will be set up. It’s advisable to measure the space you have inside your home and write those figures down so you can reference them when shopping for a table. If you shop online, 480playnow.com is a good place to go.

Cabinet Material

The best shuffleboard cabinets are made of solid hardwood. When shopping for a table for your home entertainment needs, take a look at the overall appearance of the cabinet, the cross supports and the cabinet’s thickness. If you cannot decide between two tables that cost about the same amount and one cabinet is made of solid wood and the other is veneer, choose the solid wood cabinet as that table is of better quality and will hold up much longer.

Board Top Finish

The best shuffleboard tables are made with a polymer finish that comes with a lifetime warranty. You should avoid buying any table that only comes with a one or two year warranty or with no warranty at all as that table most likely has a spray-on finish that will wear off and need to be refinished in the future. Even though you will be using your table for home entertainment only, the table you buy should feature a high quality polymer finish. This is because a cheap table surface can crack easily when pucks are dropped on it which would end up costing you a lot of money to have your table’s surface re-done.

These are the most important things to take into consideration when looking at shuffleboard tables. The playing surface is probably the most important thing to choose with care as it’s the surface of a shuffleboard table that separates a professional table from a toy. If you find that you cannot afford to buy a brand new quality shuffleboard table, consider purchasing a second-hand table. It’s quite easy today to find used shuffleboard tables for sale both locally and online which are in great overall condition.

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