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Three Tips To Save Some Money On A Long Term When You Design Your Garden

design your garden

If you just moved into a new house or you started renovating and redecorating the one you live in, the larger part of the budget went on the plumbing, the windows and roof repairs or changes, the interior design and so on. Designing or redesigning the garden is equally important if you want to fully benefit of your brand new looking house, but money can become an issue when it comes to exterior design. There are two reasons for this situation: you either didn’t put aside a budget specifically dedicated to the exterior design and made all the investments inside the house, or you browsed some specialized magazines and realized you’d have to borrow money from the bank to build a gorgeous garden. Unless you are a millionaire and the garden budget is not a problem for you, let’s see some tips and tricks on how to build or redesign a garden without having to be a Hollywood superstar.

design your garden

1.      Make long term mandatory investments

This means to sit down with a pen and a paper and not become a compulsive shopper who buys all the flower seeds available, all the tools possible, and the entire garden accessories presented in a magazine, while convinced you will figure out what to do with them later. The first investment you should have in mind when designing your garden is the infrastructure. You want paved alleys, high-quality turf, flowers, trees and a Chinese bridge all in one square meter? Then it’s time to talk to a specialist who will tell you what to do, according to the garden’s specifics, your available budget, the climacteric influences and the money and effort necessary to manage a garden. If it will cost you tons of cash and nerves to maintain your luxurious jungle, think twice.

The second long term investment is pest control. If you live in an area menaced by some types of pests, call for an inspection and a treatment plan. The termite inspection cost is affordable and a termite bond might save you from future big troubles. Also, before choosing to design your garden Tuscany – style, make sure you have the plants and shrubs specific to this style available in your region and they won’t fall victims of local pests or natural climacteric elements.

2.      Get digital

Buying house and garden supplies and items may be a hard job to do, not to mention expensive. If you decided how your future garden will look like and what it will contain, get on the Internet and compare offers from plant seeds to gardening tools and furniture. You do it on a regular basis when purchasing computer components for instance, so keep up the good job and compare offers in this situation too. It will save you not only money, but time and effort too. Online purchases may come with secondary benefits, as discounts, coupons, last-minute offers and so on. Don’t lose money on gas to travel miles away just to buy rattan furniture a little cheaper than it’s sold downtown, it’s not good business. Also, going digital means you get to find out other consumers’ opinions. Finding out that a certain type of lawn moaner breaks in a month after usage may be equally important as reading bad reviews on a PC motherboard. Saves you money and white hair on the long run.

3.      Don’t neglect vintage, second-hand and discounts

Some people want to buy everything new, from cars to circular saws. New doesn’t necessarily mean flawless or better. Instead of spending huge amounts on garden furniture for instance, take a look to vintage furniture and DIY reconditioning projects. Before jumping to buy the newest sets of tools advertised in your local store, look for discounts on specialized fares, test some second hand products and save some money. Nobody says you shouldn’t buy new tools or accessories, but if you still want to keep your budget limit, sometimes older and cheaper might be more efficient and advantageous than new and expensive.

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