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Tips for Purchasing the Ideal Hot Tub


For centuries, people have known the benefits of soaking in some nice, hot water. It can relax the muscles, boost circulation and even help you sleep better. A hot tub can provide all this and more. Besides the health benefits of soothing aching muscles,boosting circulation and melting stress away, they are a great place for family bonding, a romantic evening or entertaining friends. There is no shortage of options out there and here are some tips on choosing the perfect hot tub for your home.

Choosing a Size

Hot tubs come in a variety of sizes, from cozy ones meant for two to larger ones meant to accommodate six or more people depending on the type of seating. First and foremost, the intended area for the hot tub will determine the maximum size. While a two-seater may be perfect forone person or a couple, if therapeutic benefits are the primary intention, you might consider getting a larger tub since many manufacturers customize each seat area to provide specific therapeutic benefits. If you need a larger hot tub for entertainment purposes, make sure there is ample foot room. Manufacturers tend to classify spa size as the number of available seats—this does not always automatically translate to how many people can actually fit comfortably.

Seating Configurations

Seating configurations vary between hot tubs. Some have bench seats or bucket seats, which maximize the number of people you can fit. Other spas of the same exact size contain seats that recline or lounge, which means fitting fewer people. If not properly configured, a lounge seat can become a waste of space because once the pressure of the jets hit from below, it can be difficult to stay in place, which leads to a wasted seat that is rarely used. Look for loungers that move your back further forward, keeps your legs elevated and your rear end lower; this will lower your center of gravity and keep you from floating away. Cool down seats are a good idea too; if the water gets too hot, you can sit up further out of the water. These types of seats can also be used to enter the hot tub, and are especially good if you have youngchildren who will be using the spa.

Importance of Wet Testing

If you are thinking about buying a hot tub, you should not skip on the wet test. Sitting in an empty spa may give you an idea of how you would like that particular model, but you will not have the full picture unless you are sitting in it full of water and buoyant.The last thing you want to do is buy a hot tub and discover that it is uncomfortable. The wet test will prevent this problem. Most dealers will have full spas on hand that you can wet test; if they are not willing to wet test the model you want or a similar one, that is a major red flag and you should move onto the next dealer.

About the Author:Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who blogs about a variety of home topics from how to pick a hot tub to redecorating on a budget. If you are looking for a hot tub in the Cincinnati area, she highly recommends Watson’s Pools.

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