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Tips for Tidying up Your Garage that Will Keep it Neat

Has your garage become nothing more than an oversized storage shed with piles of things stacked in every corner and on every inch of the floor? Then you may be dreaming of having an organized garage that has a proper place available for all of your belongings with room leftover to spare.  Here are some tips designed to help you get organized once and for all. In just a few hours you can transform your garage from a dumping ground into a well-organized space where there’s a place for everything including your car, toys, tools, sports equipment and cleaning supplies.

Control the Clutter By Getting Rid of What You Don’t Need and Use

It is very likely that your garage is stuffed full of things you don’t need or use anymore. You may even have a lot of broken items laying around that you’ve never gotten around to fixing and which you don’t care about anymore. The first order of business involves getting rid of these things. If you run across something someone else may find a use for, give it away or sell it.

Work on one area of your garage at a time. A good starting point is to reclaim your parking space. You could mount a peg board on the wall in front of your parking space to use to hang items up and out of the way like rakes, tools, watering cans, garden hoses, etc. Clearing the clutter from your garage may take a few hours. However, once you are done purging the fun part begins so take as long as you need to get rid of the junk that is causing the mess.

Set up Your Work Area

Choose an area inside your garage to use as your workspace. If you don’t have a work bench in place already, make one out of a counter-height table or with a set of sawhorses topped with a board. Mount a pegboard over your work bench and use it to hang your most used tools. If you have electricity in your garage, add a sturdy lamp so that you have good illumination. For the items you don’t use often but may need, add some shelving to the walls near your work area you can set boxes on which are labeled.

Focus on Keeping the Floor Clear

Make it a point to avoid storing things on the floor of your garage. Not only will this allow for easy cleaning but it will also provide you with the room you need to move freely around your garage. Put items not used regularly like holiday decorations inside boxes on shelves and don’t forget to add labels. Tell your family members to keep the floor cleared in your garage. If you have kids, give them each a bin they can use to store their toys and hobby equipment in as well as a shelf space for the bin.


Store Large Out-of-Season Items in an Outdoor Storage Unit

If you use your garage to store large seasonal items in, consider looking at some Eagle storage containers or something similar to get these things out of the way. For instance, instead of using valuable space inside your garage during the winter to stash items in which are used only during the summer like patio furniture, bicycles, lawnmowers and mopeds, put them in a locked storage container that is placed somewhere else on your property for safe keeping.

By following these tips, your formerly chaotic garage that resembled the city dump will be transformed into a tidy, well-organized space. You will now have ample room for your car, tools and toys as well as a designated space to use for those DIY projects you tackle on the weekends.



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