Tips On How To Sell Your Car Quickly

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Selling your car doesn’t not have to be a time consuming activity. If you follow these few simple tips you can have the money for the car and a happy buyer in a blink of an eye!

cars for sale

Market Place

First you need to know your market so you can recognise who will want to buy your car and how much to ask for it. Start by checking the online price for the model you are selling. Check both dealers and private listings so you can assess how much you can sell the car for. Bear in mind the mileage, colour and condition in relation to the prices online.


Competitive pricing is key if you want to sell your motor fast. Be open to haggling with prospective buyers as many people will expect that they can shave a little off the price. Sometimes pricing a car slightly over what you expect to sell for then agreeing to a reduction can help you sell quickly. Take a page out of the dealer’s book by pricing your car ending in 995. If you wish to sell your car for roughly 9k then you should price it at £8995 as the unsuspecting buyer will feel it is much more of a bargain.

Clean Car

Give you car a home valet before considering selling. No one wants to buy a car that is full of rubbish and covered in grime. This simple tip is one that many forget and can be a factor that prolongs the process of selling your motor.
Test Drive

Offering a test drive is a great way of giving people a feel for the vehicle and helps them build trust with you. Go with them so you can gage their reception of the car and keep your vehicle safe. Obtaining an inspection report from your mechanic is another way to speed up your sale. Most people will ask for the car to be looked over so you can skip this formality with every buyer by getting it looked over yourself.


And lastly, advertise! Social media sites are ideal for getting the word out about your car as they are free and can reach a wide range of people. Message boards on car forums can be utilised to advertise especially if you are selling a popular or specialist model. There are many other websites you can advertise on but not all of them are free so check before you write your listing.

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